Listerine Foot Soak Guide, Instructions, DIY.

Listerine Feet Remedy

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Millions of people love to follow home remedies and treatments to cure common and usual health problems. Basically, it is an ancient concept to make use of home products to treat diseases and health problems. Feet care is particularly treated by home remedies and you would come to know about several things that can be used in taking care of feet at home. These home remedies are very effective to treat all sorts of feet problems like smelly feet, sore and burning feet, cracked heels, corns and calluses on feet, toenail fungus, diabetic feet, dry skin and athlete feet as well. Here, we are talking about a very good ingredient that can be used in making foot soak recipes.

Listerine Feet Remedy

Listerine is very popular mouthwash product that you can use in foot soak remedy. This is ultimate solution for all feet problems. Listerine has been practiced by many people to treat their feet problems and they said it absolutely reliable and effective. In fact food soak is a traditional and ancient cure for feet problems. Foot soaking solution is very good to make feet look beautiful and healthy. Listerine foot soak can be prepared in many methods as Listerine can be used as single ingredient and some of other ingredients can also be included in Listerine foot soaking solutions.

Listerine foot soak treatment for feet is not a medically suggested treatment but it is said to be a very good and effective home remedy as it has been practiced by many people who really takes good care of their feet and have resolve lots of feet problems. Listerine foot soak treatment works effectively for all feet problems including dry and dead skin of feet, cracked heels, stinky feet, sore and burning feet, toenail fungus, diabetic feet, athlete feet, corns, warts and calluses on feet for ultimate care of feet to look beautiful and smooth.

Here is a complete recipe of preparing Listerine foot soak:

  • You need to take a large bowl or foot basin to keep your feet soaked in it.
  • Take adequate amount of Listerine mouthwash in foot basin.
  • Keep your feet soaked in this solution for 30 minutes.
  • Then let your feet air dry and moisturize with good hand and body lotion.
  • Do this in the night just before you go to bed.
  • Do it twice for a day for best results.

You would surely get amazing results of Listerine foot soak treatment for better care of your feet.

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