Burning Feet Remedies

There may be several reasons for having burning feet problems and most common is diabetes. Nerve damage in legs can be another reason for burning feet. Some other reasons for having burning feet problem include uremia, vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, HIV Aids etc. Although there is no injury and wounds in feet but they keep paining and burning all the time. If this problem is not cured in time, it becomes too much painful. Here are some remedies for burning feet that would really work I relieving your feet from burning.

Burning Feet Remedies

  • Most of the time, improper circulation of blood to feet is caused for having burning feet problem. In this case, exercise is said o be very good for healing and relieving burning feet. Daily exercise and light workout makes blood circulation better and also prevents nervous system disorder. Jogging and running is considered best exercise for burning feet remedy.
  • Keeping feet dry even in shoes is also good to prevent burning feet. Sweaty feet that are trapped in too tight shoes cause burning feet. Shoes should be of right size to avoid burning feet.
  • Always prefer wearing cotton socks as they can absorb sweat and you can avoid burning feet issue.
  • Regular massaging is another remedy for curing burning feet. Legs and feet should be massaged with ginger extract and some drops of olive oil. This is the best remedy for treating with burning feet. The right time for massaging is before going to bed and early in the morning. Massage of almost 20 minutes will surely make you feel comfort from burning feet.
  • If your feet burning problem is caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body, you must take vitamin B3 that is said to be good for burning feet remedy. It strengths the nervous system and let you avoid burning feet.
  • Cold soak is also said to be very good in getting relief from burning feet. Cold soak cools the feet and you feel comfort from burning feet.
  • Stronger insoles of shoes are considered the best for avoiding the problem of burning feet. Proper insoles provide safety and protection to creeping up of feet when we use to walk and run with uncomfortable insoles.
  • Hawthorne is considered the best remedy for treating burning feet. It should be drunk daily by adding 1 tablespoon of hawthorne in one cup of warm water.
  • Thyme is another herb that is very good in making blood circulation better and it is used to cure burning feet. Use hot and cold soak by adding thyme in hot or cold water for few minutes and get relief from burning feet.
  • Walking bare foot on lush green grass is very good treatment for burning feet. It gives affects of acupressure to your legs and feet and you feel comfort from burning feet. Just about 20 minutes of walking bare foot on green and soft grass will help you getting sooth from burning feet.

All these are proven tips and remedies that you can follow to cure burning feet.

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