Sore Feet Remedies

Foot pain is very common problem with people and there can be several reasons to have sore feet. Foot pain occurs in different parts of foot like bones, ligaments, toenail bed, heel and skin of feet. You can get rid of foot pain by applying following tips as they are best remedies to treat sore feet. Just keep reading the following lines.


Foot therapy is very good treatment for getting relief from foot pain. Hot and cold water can be used as foot therapy on daily basis. Hot water is the best for making blood flow better and cold water reduces inflammation. Use to soak feet in hot and cold water one after another and repeat the procedure. Ice packs and heating pads are also alternatives of hot and cold water for sore feet.

Vinegar is very good in reducing inflammation and it gives relief from sore feet. Take two bowls of hot and cold water and add pinch of slat and vinegar in them and keep soaking your feet in both bowls. Keep it repeating for 15-20 minutes and you will feel relief from sore feet.

Epsom salt is another best remedy for getting relief from sore feet. Mix 1 tablespoon of Epson salt in warm water and keeps soaking your feet in this mixture just for 20 minutes. Epson salt will dry your feet but you will feel instant relief and sooth from pain in foot. Keep your feet moisturized after soaking in Epsom salt water.

Using ice is also considered the best for treating pain in foot. Ice pads are medically prepared for curing sore feet but you can do this at home by using ice. You can use ice after crushing it and massaging your feet with ice.

Clove oil is the best for treating sore feet, joint pains, nails fungus and also boosts blood circulation with massaging of clove oil. Massage clove oil daily for 20 minutes and get relief from foot pain.

Using cayenne pepper is known to be very good for relieving from pains and stretches. The best way of using cayenne pepper for sore feet is to sprinkle them in shoes or socks before you wear them. You will feel sooth from foot pain.

When you have problem of sore feet, avoid wearing high heels and too much tight shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes will make you feel comfort from sore feet.

Do try losing your weight as being overweight is also a cause for having pain in ankle joints and feet. Decrease in weight would keep ankles and feet relax and pain free.

Do proper rest and have good sleep of just about 8-10 hours as fatigue and exhaustion is also a cause for getting feet pain and discomfort.

Your are suggested to follow the tips and remedies given above for sore feet as they are proven tips and can really make you feel comfort from sore feet.

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