DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak With Recipe

Pamper Your Foot………

DIY or home remedies are always good for us. Of course, we are love in it because we can get them in low cost and less effort. DIY are too good for our health. I like to keep all types of soaks in my bathroom and in my kid’s bathroom.

Our feet are loving part of our body. They always move according to our mood and requirement. Our feet give us ability to keep stand during our job. We can perform our job perfectly in the presence of our feet. Everyone wants to wear cool sandals especially in summer but the most important thing that we should keep in mind. Our feet should be smooth, crack free and shiny and relaxing to carry a high heel. The skin of all ladies is much sensitive so they have needed to take care of their skin regularly. Our feet are not close to our heart so the blood pressure in not well in our foot. Due to this, they would be crack and rough here I am going to tell you a lovely soak that you can make very easily at home just in five minutes. Before starting to describe the ingredients of this unique foot bath I have to tell you one thing that all foot and hand soaks are for our relaxing. You have to sit in relaxing position in the pleasant environment. You can try a very simple DIY as a foot soak which contains on Epsom salt and hot water. But for splendid results you can add some more highly access able materials. You can add lemon juice, honey, vinegar, lavender oil, olive oil and many suitable tools.

apple cider vinegar foot soak

Going to Start

Now it is the time to going to start making this perfect foot soak.

Foot Soak Supplies

  • Bentonite clay…….two tablespoons
  • Apple cider vinegar…..just few drops
  • Epsom salt….no more than half cup
  • Hot water… according to your foot tub
  • Essential oils to get finest results

How to Create This Foot Soak

  • Check the water temperature. You have needed hot water not boiling
  • Liquefy Epsom salt in water.
  • Combine apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay well
  • Apply this paste on your foot and ankle let it dry
  • Soak your foot in the hot water for five to ten minutes
  • Dry clay will take ten minutes for removing so you should remember it
  • The last step you can use a gentle brush for scrubbing. Keep in mind never use a hard brush or Epsom stone for rubbing. They can damage your skin.
  • Rinse your feet with clean Luke warm water
  • Apply a lotion or foot cream
  • Massage your foot with soft hands hope so now you are ready to enjoy a pair of cute sandals that matches your party wear







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