DIY Listerine Floor Cleaner

Joseph Lister a British surgeon is behind the origin of Listerine. After his great research and work, the product is given the name Listerine just after his name. Every one of us is well aware that Listerine is the mouthwash and we all uses this to get rid of bad smell and for killing all the germs. But after making to much research on this product, I came to know that there are countless uses of this great mouthwash.

DIY Listerine Floor Cleaner

Be ready to surprise that Listerine is the best floor cleaner. It is the best cleaning agent. Yes, after the origin of this product as the best antiseptic for surgical instruments, the company tries to increase the sale. For that purpose, they introduced Listerine as the floor cleaning agent. This smart decision brought the revenue of the company to about $115K. It was a big achievement. After all that, it was realized that Listerine can be easily used to get rid of all types of bad smells. You can easily use it in your toilets, kitchen, sinks and everywhere your wants. You will definitely get surprised with its magical effects. It is an ideal antiseptic agent to get rid of all kinds of bad smell.

Listerine as the best floor cleaner

Simply mix a cap full of Listerine in one bucket of water and use it as the vinyl to give your floor a neat and clean look. It will not only help to kill all the germs from your walkaway and the playing area of your beloved kids but you will definitely find it the best product with the great smell. You have also a great opportunity to clean the tiles of bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house with the same product you bought as the mouthwash.

Other Uses

You can easily use Listerine in the spray bottle to get rid of all the germs that are ready to make you unhealthy present in your house.

Listerine is the ideal product to uses as the toilet cleaner. Apply it to the dirty area of the bathroom and use the brush to spread and rubbing the area. Leave it for next 30 to 40 minutes and flush it.

Store a little quantity of the Listerine in the spray bottle and you can make it the best use after every shower. It will make you feel fresh and light.

Some personal uses of Listerine

Shaving lotion

Instead of using shaving cream for the shave, try to shave with Listerine. It will leave a silky, smooth skin.

Listerine as the deodorant

If you are looking for the best deodorant at the reasonable price that makes you feel fresh and keep all the germs away from you, simply use Listerine as the best body deodorant.

Get rid with dandruff with Listerine

Are you in trouble with dandruff in your hair, use Listerine for it. You will for sure get surprised with its shocking results.

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