Listerine Uses for Cold And Sore Throats

Cold, sore throat, flue are real gifts of winter and everyone becomes victim of such irritations for many times during winter season. People keep looking for several ways, tips and home remedies to treat this common problem rather than going for medical treatment. It is commonly seen that people don’t agree to spend lots of money on such ordinary health problems. Sore throat and cold can really be painful if not cured in time. You may have followed several of remedies to cure cold and sore throat but here, I am going to share a little tip with all of you to get rid of cold and sore throats.

Listerine For Cold And Sore Throats

You may not ever hear about Listerine as cold and sore throat cure but must be well known about its properties as mouthwash products as It is very famous mouthwash brand. It is rich in antiseptic, anti-fungal properties that not only helps in killing mouth germs but also effective in killing other bacteria that produce bad smell, germs and several types of infections/diseases. You can perfectly cure week long cold and sore throat using Listerine twice of thrice a day. It is said to be very effecting in soothing sore throat, flu and cold.

Using Listerine mouthwash in treating cold and sore throat is surely a home remedy and you stay very convenient with it as it is cheaper, reliable and effective in soothing your sore throat, cold and flu. Just read about the way to use Listerine mouthwash in reducing pain in your throat and get rid of cold and flu. Gargling is one of most effective way to get relief and sooth from sore throat and cold. In fact, it is a traditional and ancient way and always followed by people to get rid of pain in throat. Listerine mouthwash can be used to make gargle mixing a pinch of salt in it. Doing this remedy twice or thrice a day can be very effective and give fast results in soothing sore throat.

Listerine can also be mixed with one glass of warm water along with pinch of salt for gargling in the night and morning. This will also give good results in reducing pain of your throat. Listerine is said to be very effective in killing tonsils and adenoids from your throat and give relief from pain. This is literally an amazing use of Listerine mouthwash and you can do this without any hesitation.

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