Vinegar and Water Foot Soak

Using vinegar for ultimate feet care is inexpensive but most reliable. Vinegar can help in healing lots of feet related problems like toenail fungus, feet warts, calluses on feet, sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, dry feet skin etc. Diabetic patients especially use vinegar to give comfort to their feet as their feet can get troubled soon because of diabetes. Athletes also make use of vinegar to protect their feet from multiple discomforts of feet. We can say that vinegar is one of most effective natural and home ingredient that you can use to heal feet all feet problems. Basically acidic properties of vinegar are very good to treat all feet problems. Different types of vinegars are used to cure feet problems like apple cider vinegar, organic vinegar, flavor-infused vinegar, fancier vinegar and plain white vinegar.

Vinegar and Water Foot Soak

There are also different methods and ways to use vinegar on feet like vinegar foot bath, vinegar wrapping solution, painting vinegar on feet and so on. Main purpose of all these methods is to apply vinegar on problem part of feet and let it get comfort. Vinegar is found to be very effective in treating all feet problems however duration of healing procedure of vinegar is somehow slow and you have to stay determined and continue for getting best results. Vinegar should be applied on feet twice or thrice daily. You have to go through several months of vinegar treatment for having problem free feet.

Vinegar can be used as single ingredient to cure feet problems and can also be added to some other ingredients that will support feet to get comfort and feel better. Salts, teabags, herbs and essential oils can be added to vinegar for best and most effective results of feet care. Foot bath or foot soaking is one of the best and effective treatments for feet care and comfort. Vinegar foot soak can be done just using vinegar or can also be added with water to make perfect vinegar foot bath solution.

Now let’s share how you can take water and vinegar feet soak treatment to cure any of feet problems among mentioned above.

Things you need to have for water and vinegar foot soak include:

  • Adequate amount of water
  • Adequate amount of vinegar
  • Foot basin or large bowl

You can prepare vinegar and water feet soaking solution just added half amount of water and half amount of vinegar. Amount of vinegar should be more than water for best results in feet care. After adding these ingredients, put your feet in foot basin and let them soak for 30 minutes. You will get ultimate relief in your feet. Feet should not be rinse or dried after soaking in vinegar and water solution. You must let your feet air dry. Applying this remedy on daily basis would help you heal all your feet problems. Vinegar not only works to heal feet problems but also makes feet look good and well moisturized.

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