Vinegar for Feet Cleaning

Feet are most prominent parts of our body and look very bad if not cleaned properly. Daily cleansing of feet is equally important just like face cleansing. You can use multiple products to keep your feet clean regarding medicated and home ingredients. Vinegar is such an amazing product in this regard that lets you have well cleaned and moisturized and smooth skin of feet. You can turn into beauty and grace of your feet from dead and dry skin, cracked heels, dirty toenails and other problems. In fact vinegar is very good to cure lots of feet problems like warts, calluses and corns on feet, cracked heels, dry and damaged skin of feet, sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, athlete’s feet and diabetic feet as well. Cleanliness of feet is dammed important regardless of this thing you have such feet problems or not.

Vinegar for Feet Cleaning

Vinegar can be used in different ways to keep feet clean and look good. Vinegar foot bath or foot soak is one of excellent and the best way of keeping feet clean, moisturized and relaxed as well. Different other ingredients can be added to vinegar to enhance beauty and grace of your feet like salts, dried herbs, essential oils etc. Vinegar itself is very effective in providing feet with cleanliness of skin and making it shiny and smooth. Given below is recipe of vinegar foot soak or foot bath treatment that is highly valued to keep feet clean, relaxed and beautiful.

Ingredients you need to have for vinegar foot soak recipe include 1 cup of vinegar, 1 gallon of warm water, 1 cup of salt, few drops of any of essential oil.

Procedure to prepare vinegar foot soak recipe is to just combining all these ingredients well to make a soaking solution. Now put your feet in this solution and let them soak for 30 minutes. This foot soaking method can be enhanced by using scrub for feet. You can add any of good feet scrub in this solution to enhance beauty and cleanliness of your feet. You just keep rubbing your feet gently using pumice stone. Dead and dry skin can be removed using scrub or rubbing feet when your feet are soaked in vinegar solution. If you have cracked heels like problem, this vinegar solution will also work to make your heels soft, smooth and plain. Toenail dirt can also be removed in same vinegar solution. You will have to use nail filer, cutter, pumice stone and any of other tools to work on your feet during foot soak.

Vinegar’s acidic properties lets bacteria and fungi stop growing and also remove them gradually if vinegar foot soak treatment is done on daily basis. It is better to use vinegar foot soak treatment at night just before go to bed for best results as your feet will not busy after doing vinegar foot soak treatment at night and you can have more relaxed, clean and shiny skin of your feet.

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