Vinegar Home Treatment for Heel Spurs

Commonly this problem appears when you walk a long time with heels because when you walk for a long time with heels blood cannot flow properly in your feet. Heel spurs come when calcium blocks build in your feet. It’s very harmful to your body. It’s less blood flow and give you pain. Yesterday when I walk in my garden, I feel pain in my feet. I go to the doctor clinic and complete check up. When reports come, I saw calcium blocks in my foot that’s why I have pain in my feet. I research on the internet about this dangerous problem, but I cannot find any helpful information. Then I thing to discover a cure for this problem, and I work day and night and after a long time, I find a right treatment for this problem and then I feel that I need to share my cure with you and you also get benefits of this healing.

Vinegar Home Treatment for Heel Spurs

My all treatment is entirely homemade no need to go a doctor clinic and no need any expansive medicine. You can do it in your home. This treatment is original I try this and now I am very happy because my heel is again good and I feel better. I do not use any chemical material for this treatment I use some natural ingredients that will find in your kitchen. If these things are not available in your home, so go to the market and buy these things because it give you a better result than all medicines, and you will see you feet heal quickly, and you are feeling better. Apple cider vinegar is very good for these treatments because it has many natural engrailments. These are very powerful for heal very quickly.

You will need these things:
1. Half cup of apple cider vinegar
2. One warm or hot water tub

Mix apple cider vinegar in your hot water tub or container and soak your feet at least 20 to 25 minutes. You can take this treatment twice a day. Do this treatment 2 or 3 weeks. After two weeks you can feel that your foot is healing, and you are again healthy. Tips that help you: Add some drops of olive Vera oil for better result and heal fast. When you feel pain in your feet, do this process. When you are doing this treatment make you mind free do not take any tension.

If you have an electric tub, so read his book if it allows you to add some oil then add oil Otherwise it will harmful. I do this process three weeks and now you can see my feet are very good, and I walk without any problem. These tips are unique, and I also research in it. Many treatments are available on the internet but this is very simple you can do it in your room and feel comfortable. It’s my best post because it helps you a lot.

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