Vinegar Foot Soak for Tired Feet

Having sore and tired feet is very common with all including men and women just because of standing for long hours, walking, long driving and long trial of hiking. All of you look forward to have anything that can provide instant soothe and relief from sore and tired feet. A foot soak is literally considered the best and most effective way to provide soothe and relaxation to tired and sore feet. Foot soak can be said one of oldest method of healing feet pains and discomforts for any of reasons. It really works well to relax skin tissues of feet to provide a soothing effect to painful feet. The healing power foot soak treatment also depends on which ingredients are to be used in making foot soak solutions.

Vinegar Foot Soak for Tired Feet

Here, we are going to discuss vinegar foot soak for tired feet. As we all know about this amazing natural detoxifying agent that provides instant relief from feet discomforts and pains. It is also very effective in treating all feet problems including sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, burning feet, corns, warts and calluses on feet, fungus infection on feet, diabetic feet and athlete’s feet as well. Vinegar is very effective in providing feet with required moist to keep feet skin softer, smoother and beautiful. Vinegar’s acidic properties are very effective in providing soothe to sore and tired cells of skin and reduce stretches of skin cells.

It is just wise to use vinegar foot soak for getting relief from tired and sore feet rather than going for any medicine or drug to reduce pain of feet. Vinegar foot soak is best to make blood circulation good and gentle massage during foot soak will help you get relaxation form tired and stretched skin cells. Vinegar foot soak solutions can be prepared in many ways i.e. using just vinegar as single ingredient of foot soak recipe or other ingredients can be combined to make more effective treatment for sore and tired feet. Other natural ingredients that can be used with vinegar to make foot soak recipes may include salts, clays, essential oils, dried and fresh herbs.

You are interested in just using vinegar to make foot soak solution? It is good to have white plain vinegar for this purpose. Take adequate amount of white plain vinegar and dilute it using required amount of water and put it in a large foot basin. Keep your feet soak in this solution for about 30 minutes. Keep massaging your feet gently using your fingertips. This will help in making blood circulation good and let skin tissues be soothed and relaxed. This is most simple, easy, cheap and convenient foot soak recipe that you can prepare using vinegar. There are numbers of types of vinegar that can be used for foot soak but white plain vinegar is considered to be better for foot soak treatment.

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