DIY Foot Soak with Essential Oils

Essential oil makes your skin smooth. Essential oil foot soak is good for your feet. Last week when I go to my bed. I seem my feet’s are so rough and dry. This problem is critical, but many people do not give more effort. Science also proves that this problem kills your skin cell and makes your skin less potent. In this problem, you feel very old, and you cannot do more work.

DIY Foot Soak with Essential Oils

Commonly this problem seems in winter. In winter, you cannot drink more water, so this why your body can not make more blood and your skin is dried. I also have this problem. But now I am too good because I do natural treatment for this dangerous problem. Many kinds of medicines you find in the market. But all are not affected. So that why is discovered some unique treatment that you will take in your home quickly. I use essential oil and some more things. The essential oil is too good for healing your skin. It has many natural ingredients and much more power than any medicine. So I think I want to share this treatment with you. This treatment helps your skin to improve and quickly heal. I use essential oil in foot soak process. You know it will give your feet power.

You will need these things:

  1. Warm or hot water tub.
  2. A half cup of Epsom salt.
  3. Two tablespoons of essential oil


Mix Epsom salt in the water hot tub. Add essential oil and soak your feet at least 20 to 25 minutes. When you feel your feet now better put out from a tub and dries it. Take this cure at least twice a day and, at least, five days times in a week. You can also do this treatment daily for healing your feet and removing dust. It also kill fungus in your toenail and makes your feet beautiful smooth.

Tips that you will need to follow:

  • Do not go to the washroom for washing your feet after taking treatment. Wait at least 30 minutes when you feel your feet are totally dry then you wish to remove.
  • Wash your feet before taking this cure.

This treatment is original and unique. You will read many kinds of treatments on the internet, but it is unique and helpful. You can take this in your room and after taking 2 or 3 times, you can see your feet is heal because I try this and now my feet totally recover. Then I share this in my site because it helps me a lot and it also help you. When you take this treatment, you will feel relax and tension free. Do it every night and then go to sleep it gives you a better result. Because when you go to bed, your feet are not working position, and it heals quickly.

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