DIY Honey And Lemon Foot Bath

Honey is rich in your body. It gives you more energy and also kill dangerous bacteria’s in your body. The scientist also proved that honey gives you energy and fitness. Today share you my tips that I use in the foot bath. Everyone wants style and fashion and for this purpose they use any high-cost products. These products give you lovely foot and nice face but after some time, it will change again. These products are damage you skin layer and change his color. I share with you how to make a honey and lemon foot bath. A foot bath is paramount for your foot. But many products that are used for this purpose give you harmness. But can use honey, lemon and some more easy to find things and take foot bath. 

Honey And Lemon Foot Bath

Honey gives you smoothness in your skin layer, and lemon removes dangerous fungus or and other harmful dirty dust. These tips easy and simple not need to go parlor for this purpose. You can do it in your room and other you will feel comfortable.

You will need these things:

  1. One lemon
  2. Warm or water hot tub
  3. One tablespoon of honey
  4. Apple cider and vinegar

Now start you do it yourself honey lemon foot bath. Take a hot water tub or container that you select and put one tablespoon of honey. Now cut slices of lemon and put in your water container. Put also apple cider and vinegar. Now put your feet in your tub or container and soak at least 15 to 20 minute. When you feel very good or comfortable, put out your feet and Dry it using the towel. Don’t go to wash your feet because your feet temperature is normal when you go to wash it its temperature will rise and this process will give you harmful effects.

Tips that help you to do it better:

  1. You can also add few drops of olive vera oil.
  2. Do take it ever long time.
  3. Make feel good and comfortable when you give your foor, foot bath.
  4. You can add more honey you quickly betterness.
  5. Use at least five slices of lemon.

These tips are generated by myself I try this at my home and now my foot are very lovely and smooth. You can do this process, at least, two weeks after two weeks you can see and feel you soft and pleasant. This process will take in 25 minutes, and you feel better.You can also share these tips with your friends and protects your feet and save you time. Mine are totally original because I try to use these tips when my feet need foot bath. These tips and tricks give me very good result. After you feel your feet are very smooth, and you don’t need foot bath stop doing this process and when you feel you feet are tired and rough start this process you can do it anytime when you feel free.

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