Vinegar for Feet Fungus

Toenail fungus is literally a common problem with men and women and it is really painful as swelling, inflammation and pain are feature symptoms of toenail fungus. This problem occurs time to time and must be cure properly and in time. When toenails affected by fungus, it turns look yellow, feel thick and crumble as well. There may be several reasons for having this problem like improper cleanliness of toenail and feet, sweaty shoes, diabetes and improper socks and stockings. Multiple natural and medicated products can be used to treat this problem. Here, we are talking about vinegar; great natural product that can make you get rid of toenail fungus. Basically vinegar is much likely involved in treating this particular feet problem.

Vinegar for Feet Fungus

Before start discussing proper method of using vinegar for treating feet fungus, we must be aware of which kind of vinegar you must choose to cure toenail fungus. Vinegar is available of multiple types and kinds and white plain vinegar is strongly recommended right to use for toenail fungus. So given below is method of using vinegar as toenail fungus remedy.

  • First of all, properly clean and file your nails and be gentle while doing this.
  • Take plenty of amounts of vinegar on your hand.
  • Put it on toenail fungus as drops.
  • Repeat this one to two times daily.
  • Let affected toenail get air dry completely.
  • Keep removing dead fungus time to time.

This is the proper way of using vinegar as feet fungus remedy. Vinegar is very amazing natural ingredient and found to be very effective in treating fungus like problems of skin. Vinegar is basically made of inherent natural acids and they are very good to stop fungus growing. Fungus does not grow in acidic environment. However, it may take somehow long time to cure toenail fungus but it is one of best home remedies to treat feet fungus. You must keep applying vinegar on your toenails until new nails start growing. You can see improvement in your toenail within one to two weeks if you are using vinegar regularly to treat toenail fungus.

Toenail or feet fungus must be treated soon when it starts appearing as this can be turn into severe infection and can cause serious injury issues with your feet, diabetic patients are very common to experience this problem and they must keep vinegar at their homes every time to cure toenail fungus. Using it for two times daily is best to see toenail fungus dead and remove from your feet. Using vinegar for feet fungus is very reliable, convenient, cheap and easy way to cure toenail fungus rather than going for expensive feet care drugs and medicines. Some of other ingredients can also be used to combine with vinegar for treating toenail fungus but it would be good to prefer vinegar as single ingredient to cure feet fungus.

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