Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a common condition or problem with men and women and it happens to appear as result of entering a microscopic fungi bacterium underneath feet nail. Toenail fungus is considered very ordinary most of the time as it is a usual problem with people over 50 years. Usual symptoms and signs of toenail fungus are pain, irritation, itchy and discomfort while you walk, wear shoes or socks but it is when toenail fungus becomes too much severe.

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

You can consider you have toenail fungus infection if:

  • Your nails have become thickened
  • Start getting whitish or yellowish
  • Lose its shine
  • Nail edges get crumbled
  • Nails start appearing distorted in shape
  • May separate from nail bed
  • Painful, irritating
  • Swelling in toenails
  • Get reddish and sore

These are usual signs and symptoms of toenail fungus however lots of other feet health related risks may involved with toenail fungus infection. Your nails start getting discolors as a result of fungus infection underneath your nails and it becomes hard to walk for continues pain and burning in fingertips and toenails. When fungi starts appearing in toenails, your nails lose shine and become dull and discolor. The shape of nails begins to look as bumps and waves.

It is very important to detect toenail fungus infection in its early stage but the fact is fungus infection attacks silent in nails and most part of your nails become dull, crumbled and discolors. Knowing about signs and symptoms of toenail fungus infection is necessary to avoid and prevent it growing more. Fungi bacteria are microorganisms that tend to produce and grow in dark, moist and unsanitized areas including your shoes, swimming pools, washrooms and locker rooms. It is very important to prevent toenail fungus infection growing more and more to avoid serious affects or risks of this infection. Given above are usual signs of toenail fungus infection even when it starts growing.

Following are signs and symptoms of toenail fungus infection when it becomes risky and severe and needs to treat immediately.

  • Nails start emitting foul odor/smell
  • Nail totally separates from nail bed
  • It becomes very painful to walk and wear shoes or socks
  • Get swelled too much
  • Nail’s color turns into dark brown or totally black
  • Nail has the tendency of falling off

You need to be a good observer to identify all these usual and sever symptoms of toenail fungus infection. It is better to treat toenail fungus infection in its early stage to avoid losing nails and letting fungus infection spread into whole of your feet and even your other parts of body. You must be very careful in keep checking your feet nails for preventing production and growth of fungus infection as it becomes very severe and harmful if not known in appropriate time and cured timely. Nail fungus infection is not a killer disease but needs to cure immediately to avoid sever conditions i.e. pain, discomfort, separation of nail, deep growth of fungus infection from nails to other parts of body.

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