Foot Soak Are Good For Relaxation

Foot soaking is very easy and very good method. A foot soak is a combination of herbs, salts, moisturizers, and other things that are added to a tub of hot water used for soaking the foot.

Foot Soak Are Good For Relaxation

Foot Complications:
People with diabetes can develop much different kind of foot problems. Even problems can get worse to serious complications.
Foot problems most often when there is the problem in nerves and its damage it’s called neuropathy. This can cause small pain or weakness in the foot. It can also decrease of feelings in the foot, so you can injure it and you don’t know about it. Less blood flow or changes in the shape of your foot and toes may also cause problems.
OK….now I am going to start writing about Foot soaking. Many products are available in the market for this purpose of foot soaking.
Foot soaking is a method to feel good and walk without any pain.

Soaking feet in hot water and Epsom salt:
Epsom salt is also very good for foot odor, help heal fungus or small nails, and soothe dry skin. You’ll find this healing salt at any drug stores and pharmacies. It’s very commonly used. Now In a standard size tub, dissolve one cup of Epsom salt in warm water and soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. When you feel good put out.
Epsom salts are very strong and more easily absorbed in the body and help remove toxins a lot better.
Use of table salt

Use about a half cup of table salt and an also half cup of baking soda. The baking soda will soften the water so your feet will drink it up and both will kill bacteria and other that lead to stinky feet, athlete’s foot and certain fungus.

Foot Soak things you need:
Take 2 tablespoons betonies clay.
1 spoon apple cider vinegar
water to strong but not so hard mixture.
Half cup Epsom salt.
6 quarts of warm water not too much hot and fill a tub.
A 2 or 3 drops you need of essential oils you.

How to Make a Deter Foot Soak:
Dissolve the Epsom salt in hot water, but not boiling water in a tub you select.
Cover with towel.
Mix the betonies clay and apple cider vinegar to make a soft paste and add water if needed to make smooth soft. (Sour cream consistency).
Smooth over feet and ankles and let sit for 10 minutes or more you want until it’s starting to dry and crack.
Place in the foot soaks at least 15 minutes. The clay will slowly dissolve and fall off.
At the end, use a soft brush to remove remaining clay.
Wash your foot and dry it.

Now enjoy you soft foot.

Add olive oil for extra moisture to give your Epsom salt bath a fast. If you have an electric pedicure tub, read carefully instruction and then add oil otherwise it’s harmful to you.
For an extra spa treatment feels good and tension free. If you have hard toenails, they will be easier to cut after the foot soak.
This method is scientifically proved that is very good and no any harm.

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