Vinegar Stain Removal

Vinegar is definitely a versatile thing used should keep around the house. It is a liquid consisting of acetic acid and water and mainly used as cooking ingredient. Besides being effective, it is cheap and widely available. It is enjoying a newfound popularity as many people try to avoid toxic and harsh cleaning chemicals around their pets and children as well as save money by making their own cleansers.

Vinegar stain removal

Here we have lots of ways to incorporate vinegar:

For grass stain make a mixture of one third cup white vinegar and two third cup of water then apply the solution to the stain and blot with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until remove as much green as possible and launder as usual.

Vinegar helps to remove bacteria and pesticides residues from fruits and veggies. Mix three parts water to one part white vinegar and dispense in a spray bottle. Then soak with water.

Instead of spending money on window cleaning chemicals mix two tablespoon of white vinegar with a gallon of water and dispense into a used spray bottle. Spray on and scrub with newspaper but not paper towels white vinegar and use it sparing. Spots caused by wine can be removed from 100% cotton, cotton polyester permanent press fabrics if done so within 24 hours. For this purpose sponge white distilled vinegar directly onto the stain and rub away the spots. Then clean according to the directions on the manufacturer’s care tag. Place a cup of white vinegar on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, run for five minutes and run though the full cycle. A cup of white vinegar run through the entire cycle once a month will also reduce soap crust on the inner workings.

We can easily wash the painted walls, woodwork venation blinds by using a mixture of one cup ammonia, half cup white distilled vinegar and quarter cup baking soda with one gallon of warm water. Wipe this solution over walls or blind with a sponge or cloth and clean with clear water. Dirt and stain comes off easily and the solution will not dull the painted finish or leave streaks.

Garbage disposal cleaning with vinegar cubes keeps disposals clean and stink free. Vinegar cubes are made by filling an ice tray with a mixture of one cup vinegar and enough water to fill the ice tray then freeze it. Run the mixture through the disposal and flush it.

Hence we use vinegar for several purposes and it provides various benefits.

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