Dry Cracked Feet DIY Foot Soak

In winters, it’s very common problem. Many people’s have this problem that his feet cracked and damage. It’s a dangerous problem because it damage you nerves cell and break his connection. That’s why blood cannot flow proper, and you cannot feel and touch. But you feel pain when these cracked touch trough cloth. Once night I go to sleep, I feel some pain in my feet I ignore it to sleep. After some time, my pain is reducing and after a week I feel more pain at I cannot sleep comfortable. I go to a doctor and check it .doctor also tell me that is a serious problem and give me some medicine but medicine does not work better. Every night I feel pain, and I cannot sleep comfortable. Then I decide to search a homemade cure for this problem. After a long time, finally God gives me success, and I find a real solution. It’s very simple, but its facts are very helpful. You can do it in your room and remove this cracked. I take this treatment twice a day and after two weeks I saw my cracked is heal. I also have no pain any I sleep very comfortably. Then I decide to share my all tips to my dear friends because many friends have this problem, and they are worried about it. It’s totally natural treatment that why it heal quickly. I use some kitchen use things and take this foot soak.

Dry Cracked Feet DIY Foot Soak

I use these things:

  1. Warm water tub
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Towel 5. Honey
  5. Lemon juice


Take a warm water tub and add a half cup of coconut oil and add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and then mix it. After all, ingredients are a mix, add one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice and soak your feet at least 20 to 25 minutes. After dry your feet using a towel. In a short time, you will see you cracks are healing, and you have no any pain.


  • Wash your feet before doing treatment.
  • Soak at least twice a day
  • Do this treatment 2 week
  • When you feel pain do this treatment, you realize that is working


Vinegar is good for you skin it will smooth your skin and help your nerve cell to heal your cracks. Coconut oil makes you feet lovely and beautiful. Honey has many natural ingredients, so it helps to heal quickly. Lemon juice kills fungus and protects your feet from bacteria. These things are easily available in your home. Use these things and heal your cracks. When I use these things, I clear my mind from any tension and feel relax. You can follow my tips and tricks and quickly heal your feet. These tips are helping me to heal my feet that why I need to share with you. Share my all tips with you best friends and tell to try this. It works superbly and quickly

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