Homemade DIY Coconut Lime Foot Scrub

DIY coconut lime foot scrub is very important for your feet. It will heal your feet and give your feet better look. I like to use heels but when you use heels most time it will damage your feet. I also like to use heels much but when I use for most time I feel pain in my foot. For this dangerous problem, I make a DIY coconut lime foot scrub. You can make this in the short time and using some natural products. Now a day mostly people are facing this problem and this problem is not only girls are facing this is also very common in boys. So I decide to help my friends. I make this for you. You can use this and protect you Foots. It gives you better feel and lovely foots. It kills many dangerous fungus and bacteria. The fungus will damage you feet and it also damages your nerve cells connection. That why you cannot feel any touch.

Homemade DIY Coconut Lime Foot Scrub

You need these things:
Warm water tub or container
Coconut oil
Epsom salt
Lime essential oil

Take water and put coconut oil on it and boil until it melts and mix on water now put Epsom salt and lime water. When all ingredients mix to put in your container and give 1 to 2 hours to cool. When it will ready you can use this and feel happy. You know that Epsom salty is very best for your foot. It helps very much to heal. You can use this for many other purposes. You can also use Epsom salt for foot soaking. It kills many dangerous fungi. Coconut oil is used for giving a lovely look to your foot. It turns your rough foot into smooth feet. Lime essential oil is also good for your foot because it contain many natural ingredients that’s your feet need.

Tips that you need:
Wash your feet properly then use it.
Do this treatment at least 2 times a day for quickly healing.
Do this almost 2 weeks.

This scrub is your home product so you can not need to worry about any effects. You can use only natural ingredients. So this is very unique. I make this after researching many books and internet. Then I make this because you need real tips. I use this first and then I share with you. It help me a lot and turn my rough foot into the beautiful foot. I read many articles and many blogs but I cannot find any true recipe then I go to the bookstore and read many books and after long research god give me success and I make this. You also like this because it true. It’s totally natural.

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