Vinegar Foot Soak for Cracked Heels

Having cracked heels is literally a common problem with men women. Main reason for this feet problem is improper care, cleanliness and moisturizing of feet as all of us often neglect this important and prominent part of body. Cracked heels not only looks bad but also becomes discomforting when get its severe condition. Severe condition of cracked heels is deep cuts and wounds on heels that are very painful and you feel discomfort in walking even. As this is common and ordinary problem hence can be cured easily at home. Yes! Vinegar is such an amazing ingredient that works well in healing cracked heels in the best way. It is one of the best home remedies rather than taking expensive medical drugs for feet and heel care.

Vinegar Foot Soak for Cracked Heels

Now the question arise how vinegar can be used as feet care remedy. you may know about foot bath or foot soak treatment for feet care and beauty. It is one of oldest method of taking good care of feet for hundreds of years. Vinegar foot soak or foot bath is very effective treatment in curing cracked heels and taking overall care of feet to avoid other feet problems including warts, calluses, corns, toenail fungus, sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, burning feet and others. Diabetic patients and athletes also rely on this amazing agent to cure feet problems ultimately.

When you will sit to search about vinegar foot soak recipes, you will find variety of stuff in this regard as there are many ways to make vinegar foot soak recipes i.e. using vinegar as single ingredient of foot soak solution or other ingredients can be combined with it to support awesome healing of feet problems. Multiple salts, dried and fresh herbs, essential oils and clays are considered the best to combine with vinegar to make foot soak recipes. Here we have a good and effective vinegar foot soak recipe for you that you can prepare at home and can take advantage of this amazing healing agent for feet problems.

For making vinegar foot soak recipe, you need to have:

  • Vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Essential oil
  • Salt
  • Foot basin
  • Pumice stone

In a foot basin, mix vinegar, warm water, essential oil drops and some amount of salt and prepare a soaking solution. Then keep soaking your feet in this mixture for about 30 minutes. Use pumice stone to rub your cracked heels gently to remove dry and damaged skin form heals. Then put off your feet and use any of good hand and body lotion to moisturize your feet and heals well. This is very good remedy for curing cracked heals and get softer, smoother and beautiful skin of feet. You must apply this treatment on daily basis for best results. Vinegar is found to be somehow slow to heal but it is very effective if you stay sticky to this treatment on daily basis.

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