Listerine and Vinegar Foot Soak How long to Use?

Having foot soak or foot bath treatment is one of unconventional methods of treating feet problems and taking good care of feet on regular basis. It becomes more important and authentic especially when you have most common feet problems like toenail fungus, smelly feet, sore and swelled feet, cracked heels, corns, warts and calluses on feet, burning feet and dry and dead skin of feet. Diabetic patients and athletes also rely on using foot soak treatment to take care of their feet to avoid these feet problems. Multiple products and ingredients are used to add in foot soak recipes.

Listerine and Vinegar Foot Soak How long to Use

Listerine is very famous branded mouthwash solution that not only works efficacy for teeth and gum protection and making breath fresh but also used frequently in foot soaking recipes. Listerine is found to be very effective in healing lots of feet problems. It can be said the best home remedy to treat feet problems before going for expensive medical treatment of feet problems and care. Listerine mouthwash come in different flavors and colors and blue color of listerine mouthwash is considered the best to prepare foot soaking recipes. This amazing product can be separately used for foot soak recipes and some of other natural ingredients can be added in it to enhance the efficacy of foot soak treatment for particular feet problem.

Vinegar is another amazing natural ingredient that is very effective in hundreds of ailments and diseases. It is widely used in kitchen and domestic uses. Using listerine with vinegar is literally a perfect combination to make feet skin soft, smooth and look good. Making feet more relaxed and comfortable through listerine and vinegar foot soak is extra advantage of this foot soaking treatment. It is very important to consider duration and time to let feet soak in listerine and vinegar foot soaking solution. 30 to 40 minutes duration is considered the best and effective for solving feet problems. But you have to be very regular and punctual if you want desired results of feet problems and feet care using listerine and vinegar foot soak treatment. Vinegar is said to be somehow slow to heal feet problems especially fungus infection takes long time to stop and remove from feet.

So using listerine and vinegar foot soak for several weeks or months can let you have problem free feet and have better look of your feet. Both of these ingredients are very effective in healing feet problems and making them look good and feel good for their properties. Listerine and vinegar foot soaking treatment is quite safe, cheap, convenient and effective for all individuals including men and women to take better care of their feet. Diabetic patients, athletes and pregnant women can take listerine and vinegar foot soak treatment without any hesitation as it is effective in the same way to cure their feet problems.

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