Vinegar Foot Soak Recipes

Vinegar is one of excellent natural ingredients that is used to cure ordinary and some of severe ailments of feet including toenail fungi infection, corns, warts and calluses on feet, diabetic feet, athlete’s feet, cracked heels, dry and dead skin of feet, sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, burning feet and so on. Vinegar foot soak is also best to take daily feet care to make feet look good and feel good as well. In foot soaking solution and treatment for feet care and problems, vinegar is main ingredient and other can be combined with it to make this treatment more authentic, frequent and effective. Vinegar foot soak recipes can be prepared in the same way i.e. mixing well vinegar with some of other ingredients. Hence things and ingredients that you can add with vinegar are sure to vary according to your own choice and will.

Vinegar Foot Soak Recipes

You will find variety of vinegar foot soak recipes from web when you sit to search for vinegar foot soak treatment for feet care and problems. Basically, variety of products and ingredients can be used with vinegar to make vinegar foot soak recipes including:

Listerine and vinegar foot soak is one of most authentic foot soaking treatment for all types of feet problems and taking ordinary care of feet on daily basis. Listerine is branded mouthwash product that is found to be very effective in healing feet problems and making them look good. Vinegar and Listerine is literally a good combination to have beautiful and comfortable feet.

Milk and vinegar foot soak is just to combine milk and vinegar together to make an authentic foot soaking solution for ultimate feet care and curing other feet problems. Combined properties of milk and vinegar can make feet look good and feel good. This is good combination of both of these ingredients to make feet more beautiful, relaxed and cured if any problem occurs.

Bleach and vinegar foot soak is another vinegar foot soak recipe in which you can add bleaching liquid and powder to vinegar for making a good and effective foot soak treatment. Bleach’s whitening power is particularly effective in treating toenail fungus and vinegar also kills and prevents it appearing again.

Epsom salt and vinegar foot soak is one of best treatment for sore, swelled and tired feet. Epsom salt is very effective in giving soothe to tired tissues of skin and removes stretch of skin cells and tissues. Epsom salt is mostly used with vinegar to give a detox foot bath for ordinary feet care and curing particular feet problems.

Water and vinegar foot soak is also a common recipe of vinegar foot soak for taking good care of feet and healing feet problems. Vinegar and water can be used in equal amount when to prepare foot soaking solution for feet. However, you can reduce and increase amount of water and vinegar to make good foot soaking solution. Warm water is used to add in vinegar for best foot soak recipe.

Some of essential oils, fresh and dried herbs, medicated products and clays can be added to vinegar for making variety of foot soak recipes. Use of different vinegar foot soak recipes just depends on your feet care requirements and problem solving needs.

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