DIY Listerine Cold Water Foot Soak Recipe

Listerine is said to be a miracle cure for feet care and problems and this is very flexible ingredient to add to any of other ingredients that can be used for ultimate feet care and treatment. For example, you can use water, dried and fresh herbs, essential oils, salts, vinegar to add to Listerine mouthwash to take best care and cure for feet. However, different ingredients are used for some particular types of problems. Listerine and ingredients are used in different ways to take good care for feet but foot soak or foot bath is most effective remedy that is also considered DIY Listerine foot soak treatment.

DIY Listerine Cold Water Recipe

It becomes most sophisticated foot soak treatment when water is added to Listerine foot soak recipe as water is always been used to make foot soak or foot bath recipes for feet care and treatment. Water can be added to Listerine foot soak recipe in different conditions like fresh tap water, hot water and cold water. Each condition of water is used for particular types of feet problems.

For example, cold water is added To Listerine foot soak recipe for treating:

  • Toenail fungus infection
  • Stinky feet
  • Athlete feet
  • Diabetic feet

Procedure for preparing Listerine and cold water foot soak is same as other Listerine foot soak recipes are prepared. Cold water would be only addition to Listerine mouthwash to make foot bath recipe. Given below is step by step method of making Listerine foot soak treatment.

Things that you need to have for Listerine and cold water foot soak recipe are:

  • Listerine mouthwash
  • Icy Cold water
  • Foot basin
  • Towel
  • Moisturizer
  • First of all, make it sure that foot basin is perfectly clean and germs free.
  • Now combine cold water and required amount of Listerine mouthwash in foot basin.
  • Let your feet soak in this solution for 30 minutes.
  • Then dry using soft towel.
  • Apply good hand and body lotion to your feet for better moist and soft feet.
  • This foot soak treatment must be done in the night before you go to sleep.
  • However it can be practiced twice a day for fast results in feet cure.

The above procedure is enough to accomplish foot soak treatment at home. Remember, foot soak treatment is taken for almost all types of feet problems and regular feet care.

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