DIY Pedicure Soak Recipes

Today I share some very useful tips with you. I share you how to make a pedicure soak in your home and very simple recipe you can do it very easily and take pedicure at your home at yourself without any chemical creams and many dangerous chemicals. I tell you how to make a pedicure cream at using some natural ingredients and take pedicure and look beautiful and attractive. Every girl wants to look very lovely but now a day every person have no more time to go parlor and take pedicure that’s why it will don’t make pedicure and nothing look unique. Don’t worry I tell you complete tips that you try it and make pedicure.

DIY Pedicure Soaks Recipes

You know chemicals are very harmful to your skin it will give you very lovely look, but sometimes it will damage your skin and dead that area, and you know it’s very dangerous.

You want to look very special and attractive. So, toady, I tell you complete pedicure that you can do it very easy and don’t waste your money in the parlor. Save your money and take pedicure at your home using home use things and also share this tips with your friends because help you friends and save you skin from chemical creams and many dangerous things also save money.

So now it tells us what things you will need:

  • You need a tub filled with warm water
  • Sugar cookie food scrub
  • Coconut oil and salt scrub pad
  • Peppermint and lemon foot rub

These things available in every utility store you can buy this at the low price its very simple things; it’s available on the market in low price.

First you clean your foot using warm water not so hot or boiling regular hot water that you can handle easily and clean your feet carefully remove dust particle evil dead skin particles. Now dry it .you can also use a towel to dry is and clean it. Now rub coconut oil on it that feel very nice. Rub it ever it dry now using sugar cookie foot scrub and peppermint, lemon scrub and mix it and make a paste you can also do your small amount of water and make a paste.  Apply the paste on your feet and wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes when it hard your remove it clean. You can also wash it. And now cut your nails and rub its outsides and make a lovely look. This tip is very useful and very easy to use you can do it and your home and share these with your friends and look beautiful and lovely. These tips are unique, and it’s natural. Not any chemical process to do it and make it because chemically is very harmful. These tips work and make you like a same as earlier pedicure and make you lovely beautiful and glow in your friends. Don’t need any high-cost products all are low prices and easily available.

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