Vinegar Foot Soak while Pregnant

Having sore and swelled feet is one of most common problems with women especially when they get pregnant. Excess fluid collects in tissues during pregnancy that is the main reason for sore and swelled feet in pregnant women. Hence, it is an ordinary problem and ends when pregnancy duration ends however, it should be treated well using unconventional treatments. Using natural foot bath and foot soak is best to deal with this ordinary feet problem. Vinegar is very effective ingredient in this regard just to give soothe and comfort to sore and swelled feet.

Vinegar Foot Soak while Pregnant

If you are in trouble of sore and swelled feet during pregnancy, you are suggested to rely on this amazing natural ingredient to make your feet soothed and relaxed and comfortable. Vinegar foot soak treatment can be taken on daily basis for best results in reducing tiresome and swollen of feet during pregnancy. Feet are soaked in vinegar foot soaking solution for just about 30 to 40 minutes to have more relaxed and comfortable feet. Foot soak is very effective in making blood circulation better even during pregnancy.

The question also arises whether taking vinegar foot soak in pregnancy is better or not or will it work to treat this ultimate problem gifted by pregnancy. The answer of this question is obviously yes as vinegar foot soak is effective to be taken in pregnancy in the same way as you can do this in normal condition. There are not bad and side effects of using vinegar foot soak treatment in pregnancy. It is quite safe, reliable and effective in the same way to treat feet problems and taking good care of feet on daily basis.

Here we have a vinegar foot soak recipe for your feet care during pregnancy:

  • Take a foot basin or bowl large enough to fit both of your feet in it.
  • Take adequate amount of white plain vinegar and pour it into foot basin.
  • Warm water can also be used with vinegar to take this foot soak treatment.
  • Soak your feet in this solution for about 30 minutes.
  • You will feel very relax and soothe regarding sore and swelling of feet.
  • It will balance blood circulation as well.
  • Doing this treatment is best in the night just before you go to bed.
  • Repeat this treatment daily until your problem is resolved well.

This is vinegar foot soak recipe in which just vinegar is used to make foot soaking solution. However, you can add multiple natural ingredients and some of medicated drugs to make vinegar foot soak treatment for your feet care during pregnancy. These ingredients may include soaking salts, dried and fresh herbs, essential oils, kelp and clays as well. All these ingredients will add soothe and relaxation to your feet care and problems in pregnancy.

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