Listerine Foot Soak Side Effects

Listerine is very good and most reliable product to be used for teeth care and gum protection. The formula of this product really works well to treat feet care issues. Most of people have applied this product as foot soaking ingredient and find it very effective in enhancing beauty of feet and curing all feet problems. Feet problems are very common to all of us and Listerine works to cure cracked heels, dry and dead skin of feet, warts, corns and calluses on feet, sore and swelled feet, stinky feet, toenail fungus and so on. Listerine is such an amazing and reliable foot soaking ingredient that it is hard to give negative comments about it and saying this would be wrong that it does not work.

Listerine Foot Soak Side Effects

However, there may be some common myths about Listerine mouthwash like any other product and ingredient. It is very common thing that some of products work for some people and sometimes there may come any issue as working of same products with some individuals. When you talk about side effects of Listerine mouthwash, there are no side effects reported. However people say different comments and suggestions on working and uses of Listerine mouthwash.

Given below are some of comments of different people from which you can make an image of working of Listerine mouthwash:

  • Listerine original is recommended by some of people and they say it is of amber color and works well in healing lots of feet problems.
  • Sometimes you may get stains on skin of your feet and this may be the reason for soaking feet in Listerine foot soak for too long. 30 minutes are recommended time and duration for Listerine foot soak and you must not exceed this duration of foot soak.
  • It is also said that Listerine foot soak does not work fast as it takes some time to start working on all types of feet problems. That’s why it is suggested to apply this remedy on daily basis. Repetition of Listerine foot soak definitely works positively.
  • Using Listerine for severe foot conditions can be wrong for example, for example, if you have cuts and wounds in case of toenail fungus, cracked heels, warts, corns and calluses, you must go for taking medical assistance to get relief from this painful and severe condition of feet.
  • It is also said that cool mint flavor of Listerine should be used to take foot soaking treatment for feet care. But some says feet skin gets green spots on feet while using cool mint Listerine.
  • Diabetic patients are said to avoid using Listerine as they have feet problems of other types and they must rely on medical treatment to heal their feet problems and wounds as diabetic conditions are involved in curing their feet.

So these are comments and suggestions given by different people and you can easily judge and determine your opinion about working and efficiency of Listerine mouthwash. It cannot be said that Listerine has sever types of side effects. So it can be used confidently as it is reliable home remedy to treat feet problems.

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