Side Effects of Vinegar Foot Soak

Vinegar foot soak is said to be surprised treatment to cure almost all feet skin problems including diabetic and athlete’s feet. Different types of vinegars can be used as foot bath or foot soak treatment for feet problems and care. Ultimate feet care involves in using vinegar on daily basis to get soft and beautiful skin of feet and healing corns, warts and calluses like feet problems that can become very severe if not cured well and in time. White plain vinegar is preferred t use as foot soaking ingredient and it is also easily available in less prices.

Side Effects of Vinegar Foot Soak

Some of other types of vinegar are:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Organic vinegar
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Red and white vinegar
  • Rice vinegar

Each vinegar type is literally different in its uses, benefits and risks and side effects. It is very important to know what vinegar’s side effects are when it is used for treatment and care for feet skin. Obviously! We have to discuss vinegar’s side effects on skin in this regard. We have discussed before that white plain vinegar is more involved in using as foot soak ingredient for feet care and treatment and it is found quite safe, reliable and effective to well treat feet skin problems and there are no side effects claimed for white plain vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is also suggested in some of foot soaking remedies and it can be said to have some of side effects on skin as different properties and nutritional values of it. apple cider vinegar is said to have some of side effects on skin i.e. redness of skin, itchy and rashes on skin etc. Basically vinegar is involved to have ordinary side effects just with people who have extra sensitive skin and they need to have foot soak treatment according to prescribed by their physicians. Those people should avoid using self determined and unconventional treatment for skin problems whether they related to feet or any other part of body.

It is very sure that all types of vinegar left sour smell that may be inconvenient for some of people but this also cannot be said a side effect of vinegar. In fact white plain vinegar leaves sour smell and it dissipates soon. So there is no need to get worry about side effects of vinegar when it is to be used for foot soak treatment. However, vinegar can be painful and burning when your feet have wounds and injuries just before using foot soaking treatment. You must not use vinegar foot soak remedy when you have any sort of wounds on your feet as this would be very painful for you. Another caution consideration for using vinegar foot soak is to have good quality of vinegar and don’t use too old vinegar products in this regard. Vinegar products of good quality can surely make you have safe and convenient foot soak remedy for your feet care and problems.

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