Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is very common problem and needs to take notice of this infection before it becomes severe enough. Variety of toenail fungus infection treatments is available including conventional and unconventional treatments and remedies. It is separate mind set and mental approach of individuals to choose to practice these treatments according to their budgets, condition of fungi infection, availability of resources etc. Foot soak is one of most common and convenient way and treatment to cure toenail fungus infection. It can be said a gift of our elder’s experiences and practicing to cure toenail fungi infection as it is found to be very effective in taking good care of feet and solving many of feet problems including toenail fungus.


Few of you may not aware of foot soak. Foot soak treatment is soaking feet in solution or mixture of different ingredients related to our home and kitchen. It is most convenient, inexpensive and effective treatment to cure toenail fungus that’s why always discussed where there are feet problems are considered to treat. You can prepare lots of foot soak recipes choosing among variety of natural ingredients.

Most common foot soak ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Listerine mouthwash
  • Salts
  • Essential oils
  • Dried herbs
  • Fresh herbs
  • Sodas
  • Lemon juice
  • Clays

Foot soak for toenail fungus treatment is practiced preparing foot soak solutions combining different ingredients mentioned above. However, combination of ingredients is absolutely different for each foot soak recipe. Some of best combinations of foot soak ingredients include:

  • Warm/cold water, vinegar, essential oils
  • Listerine, vinegar, water
  • Water, epsom salt, essential oils
  • Water and baking soda
  • Water, lemon juice, salts
  • others

Preparation of foot soak recipe just depends on condition of toenail fungus infection i.e. normal or severe. Required duration to soak feet in foot soaking solutions is said just about 30 minutes. Foot soak treatment can be practiced once or twice daily depending on requirements of toenail fungus treatment and removal.

Foot soak treatment is not just limited to use home and natural ingredients to make foot soak recipes but some of medicated drugs and solutions can be added in foot soak recipes. It must be done according to doctor’s advice for best results in curing and removing toenail fungus.

It is also essential to learn using adequate amounts of foot soak ingredients to prepare effective and useful foot soak recipes. Additional use of ingredients can be harmful for feet care instead of curing toenail fungus. For example, essential oils are used in few drops, salts and dried/powdered herbs are used in pinches and vinegar and Listerine are used in measured as cups with required amount of cold or warm water. In short, foot soak is found to be very effective, cheaper and convenient way to treat and heal toenail fungi infection rather than spending too much cost for expensive medical treatments. Foot soak treatment is one of best and effective home remedies to treat toenail fungus but the important is your punctuality to take advantage of this great remedy.

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