Vinegar Feet Care

Feet are the important part of our body. Our all jobs are depending on it. Our foot carries our body all the day. They make us able to do our jobs whole day even we are standing in front of a desk or running in a playground. At the end of the day, we can get pain or itchy on our feet. It is the must for us to give some time to our skin for relaxing. Many simple and easy to accesses things are available for foot soak in our kitchen. Vinegar, Epsom salt, lavender oil, some essential oil are good for foot soaks.


1 – Vinegar For Daily Use

The properties of vinegar are very helpful for us in daily life you can use the vinegar in your cooking. Vinegar is also used for cleaning. The most important usage of vinegar is, you can make your skin clean, shiny, healthy and soft with this. Simply you can use it in hot water and soak your foot in this mixture for five minutes. It will give you a relaxing feeling. Your tired, itchy, stinky feet will become healthier, shiny and settle down. You can save your food items by using vinegar. The antiseptic action of vinegar is strong than other food preservatives. Vinegar has a lot of benefits just try to use pure vinegar.

An important tip that is you has to be remembering. Some disease like diabetes cannot support your skin with every home remedy. It can damage your skin. A diabetes patient should be consulted first to his consultant than apply any type of homemade product.

2 – Vinegar For Sportsman Foot

A sportsman wears a use most of the time as their feet away from the fresh air so that’s why their foot becomes red, itchy and sore. Vinegar is the thin form of acetic acid so it is work well for antiseptic. When the toes of an athlete become itchy and peel their skin for hard working they should take a foot bath to recover.

3 – Recipe of A Simple Foot Soak

Here I am sharing a simple recipe of foot soak. You can know how you can make it within five minutes after reading this article.

  1. Vinegar…….one cup
  2. Mild soap…..few drops
  3. Hot water…..according to your tub(water should be bare able)

Combine all these simple supplies and sit back in relax mood. Dip your feet in the water for 10 minutes. You will feel comfortable. It is a good soak for everyone and especially for athletes. Try this foot bath twice in a week.

4 – Vinegar For Foot Odor

Very simplest jobs that you can do

  • Never wear polyester sock they never good for your feet
  • Always wear comfortable leather shoes which allow air to pass
  • Walk barefoot when you stay at home

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