Vinegar for Feet Smell Remedy

Foot odor is very common problem with people of all ages including men and women. It is basically a type of body odor that creates bad smell in feet. Main reason for having smelly feet is sweat. However, sweat is odorless itself but it supports bacteria to produce unpleasant smell. It becomes very embarrassing when you have smelly feet and must be treated well. Vinegar is absolutely the right ingredient to cure smelly feet while staying at home. Having smelly feet is such a common problem that you don’t need to rush to the doctor for having expensive feet care drugs and solutions to cure feet odor. You can confidently use vinegar as feet care remedy including a treatment of smelly feet.

Vinegar for Feet Smell

The question arises how vinegar can be used as smelly feet remedy. Obviously, foot bath in vinegar solution can be ideal way of using vinegar as feet smell remedy. You can use vinegar as single ingredient to take foot bath and can also add water to make solution for foot bath. Vinegar is best in treating smelly feet as it has acids in it that makes feet free from bacteria and germs. Given below are tips to use vinegar as smelly feet remedy.

For taking vinegar foot bath, you need to have:

  • Foot basin or large bowl
  • Plenty of white vinegar


  • Just add plenty of vinegar in foot basin or bowl you are using for foot bath.
  • Let your feet soak in this solution for about 30 minutes.
  • Never rinse your feet after taking foot bath in vinegar.
  • You have to bear sour smell of vinegar for some minutes.
  • Let your feet air dry.

Using vinegar as foot soaking ingredient is best remedy for treating smelly feet. This procedure must be repeated on daily basis to properly cure smelly feet. People had been and still using foot bath as feet comfort and relief from different discomforts of feet. Vinegar is very good and effective in lots of feet care problems and one of them include feet smell that becomes very embarrassing. Getting rid of sweat of feet is literally difficult as this is natural procedure but smell and bacteria produce in sweat can be removed using vinegar.

There are different types of vinegar that can be used to cure feet smell within minutes. If you want permanent treatment of your smelly feet, you must keep this procedure continue for few months as you will see clear difference in condition of your feet. Making your feet look clean, fresh, healthy and shining are advanced benefits of using vinegar. Vinegar is such a common ingredient that you can get from local market on reasonable prices and using it as foot bath. You don’t need to go to have expensive feet care treatments having vinegar with you.

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