What is Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is one of common problems and conditions that individuals of all ages have to suffer from. This is particularly feet related problem. In medical term, toenail fungal infection is named as onychomycosis and it starts appearing underneath surface of nail of feet. Production of fungi is main reason of having this problem and it becomes severe if not cured well. Toenail fungus infection starts appearing in yellowish or whitish spots on nails then nails of feet starts getting thick, discolor and crumble at the edges. Toenail fungus infection can affect all parts of feet nails including nail plate, nail bed and root of the nail.

What is Toenail Fungus

Process of production of fungi infection in feet nails is slow yet it can affect all nails gradually and can just limit to single nail. Individuals who don’t take proper care and hygiene of their feet have to have toenail fungus infection in their feet nails. However, diabetic patients and athletes are often victims of toenail fungus infection. A medical research on fungus infection reveals the fact that disease of fungus infections appears as a results of spreading a particular type of fungi named dermatophyte. Other types of fungus infection include candida and vaginal thrush.

Fungus infection in toenails is found to be appeared in older people than people of young ages. It is rare to be found in adults. It is also found to have in people who have lower and poor immune system.

Toenail fungus infection happens to appear in people having some of particular health issues like:

  • Infection in skin
  • A particular skin condition named as psoriasis
  • Diabetic patients
  • Athletes
  • Peripheral vascular health problem/diseases

Fungus nail infection is found to be just changing the appearance of feet and you don’t feel pain and discomfort when it starts growing or producing in toenails. Meanwhile, it can be painful, severely ugly in appearance and irritating if not cured well and let it growing without using any treatment or remedy for its prevention. Men are more likely found to be victims of toenail fungus than women. Overaging is also a factor of having toenail fungus problem.

Fungus tends to produce and grow in dark and moist environment than dry areas. It is just plant like parasites that already exists in our body and tends to appear when found dark and moist environment. Keratin is main source of food for nails, hair and skin and it is basically a food for fungi infection that lets it appearing in toenail areas of feet. Fungus nail infection becomes severe, painful, irritations enough that you cannot even walk or move your feet. Fungi bacteria can spread up to whole of your body if it is not cured well and in time. Toenail fungus infection can be treated using variety of medicated drugs and home remedies as well just to have problem free feet. However, process of healing of toenail fungus infection is found to be very slow and you have to be patient and cool to have best results of toenail fungus infection treatment and remedies.

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