Can Listerine Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

Are you worried about having fungus on your nails? Nails are yellow and you feel ashamed in going public gatherings? Well, here in this article, we will make you introduced with a great home remedy to cure toenails fungus with Listerine. But before moving to it have a look at their cause, symptoms and how we can prevent them.

Can Listerine Get Rid of Toenail FungusToenail Fungus Causes and Symptoms

  1.  Onychomycosis is the medical name for the nail fungus. It is the same fungus that is the reason behind the athlete’s foot.
  2. This fungus mostly affects toenails in comparison to fingernails, because of the fungi-friendly dark, warm and moist atmosphere inside the shoes we wear.

How we can prevent a Nail Fungus

  1. Clean your hands and feet regularly, and keep your nails dry, trimmed and short.
  2. Try to wear open-toed shoes and sandals when you can, and always wear absorbent cotton socks when you desire to wear closed shoes.
  3. Going barefoot in public places like swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms is not a good idea to try to avoid it. This will prevent you from picking up a nail fungus.
  4. While doing dishes or cleaning by hand try to wear gloves. This will also help is preventing fungal infection.
  5. Use sterilizes instruments to do manicures and pedicures.

No doubt, Listerine is an exceptional product for home remedies, especially for fungal infections. Most infections that you can easily cure with Listerine are athlete’s foot and jock itch.  It is the best antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties in it.

Home remedy with Vinegar and Listerine:

  1. This is the great Listerine solution for toenail fungus as Listerine have the disinfecting properties that will help in preventing fungus.
  2.  Listerine fights with the fungus because of the active alcohol in it. Combining vinegar with the Listerine works better, as the acidic nature of vinegar greatly inhibits the fungal growth in the nails.

Things we need for the solution:

  1. One bottle of white vinegar
  2. Listerine that contains alcohol in it
  3. Now Combine the equal amount of Listerine with vinegar
  4. Pour Listerine into a bowl.
  5. Pour in an equal amount of vinegar in the bowl to make the effective solution.
  6. Now soak your nails in the prepared solution to get rid of the toenails fungus.
  7. You have to soak the fungus-affected nails in the prepared solution for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  8. Now rinse with normal water and pat dry it with the soft towel.
  9. To get the best results with this great home remedy, try to repeat it twice a day at least for the first, two months.

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