DIY Whiten Your Feet Nails

DIY Whiten Your Feet Nails

How to get Shiny Nails

Yellow nails can damage your whole personality but luckily here we are having some easy homemade tips for you that will really work for you. Be careful about your whole health including your nail color of feet. As you feel that color of your nails becoming the change you can choose a useful tip from our post and apply it with very easily. You can hide your hands in gloves but your stylish sandals cannot afford socks. So you have to adopt an idea to get whitening nails.

I have some very useful tips for you that I applied in near past and get outstanding results now I am going to share these easy and unique tips with you. I have decided to make two parts of my post for you convince in part one I will tell you some soaks for cleaning of your nail and in the second part, I will give you some ideas about homemade scrub that will work well to get for smooth texture of your nail.

Soaks That You Can Make In Short Time:

Mixture of Lemon and Soap

Lemon is a great ingredient of our daily cooking that has a fantastic ability of bleaching. With the lemon, you can remove all type of stains. In this post, I want to tell you how you can remove yellow color stains from your nails very easily to stay at home. State to the process of making a good soak get half cup of lemon juice and a fine quality mild soap just a few drops mix them well. Now arrange a tub that should be just for your foot cleansing. Pour some hot water in it to dip your foot. Add the mixture of soap and lemon juice. Dip you feet just for five minutes, not more than five minutes. It will be harmful to your skin. Tap to dry after soaking apply a good quality lotion to prevent dryness.

Mixture of White Vinegar and Water

The mixture on white vinegar and warm water has the ability to remove stains from your nail. But be careful just use white vinegar another type of vinegar will leave color on your nails.

Scrubs that will bring change

Baking Soda

Baking soda works well to give you smooth texture and shiny surface of your nails. It will do a good job for you. Method is very easy to make this DIY with a single tool. It’s a simple mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Place a small bowl or dish pour both ingredients in it and mix well. Apply this scrub on your nails with a cotton swab.

Lemon Juice and Salt

Salt is having a perfect ability of buffing and when you gather it with lemon juice you will be able to success brighten and whiten nails.

Combine equal quantity of both tools and apply on your nails and also on your foot. Let it dry and rinse with Luke warm water.

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