Lavender Foot Soak Recipe

Rough and dry foot can create a problem for you . you cannot wear a smart sandal in happy mood to going to a party. You have to get rid of these dry feet. I hope you have experience of some old tools like Pumice stone, pedicure, foot care balms and lotions and even you have tried buffer for your nails but you never tried out this smart soak. Its will gives you splendid results its my promise. You have no need to collect many more supplies for making this DIY. It’s simple to generate and easy to use. A very simple soak that contains on Luke warm water, a bucket and some salt and you will get shiny and smooth feet. But if you want better shiny and healthier surface than you have to be ready to read out our post and pick a great idea from here. This post has some well job tips for you just pick it from here and apply.

Lavender Foot Soak Recipe

The beauty of your feet is not just applying nail color on it. You have to take proper care of your feet. For this purpose foot bath or foot soaks are best. Usually, foot bath knew as foot soaks. The foot has works hard for us all over the day so it’s our responsibility to take care of them. To make your foot skin more flexible, you have to pay some special attention to your foot and today I am here for you to give you fantastic ideas of homemade soaks. The recipe of Lavender oil foot soak has an immense effect. It will relax your feet.


  • Epsom salt
  • Sea salt
  • Dried flowers of Lavender
  • Lavender oil
  • A beautiful jar
  • Baker’s string


The preparation of this soak is quite easy and interesting. No need to worry about the measuring of all supplies. Supplies are few so you can make it just in five minutes. Just remember it if you have a family and have the wish to be a happy family head you should arrange a large size container for mixing all ingredients. It will be quite reasonable in cost and every family member can be using it easily.

A very simple way to make this foot soak which is I am going to share with you through this amazing post.

You have to make layers of all tools

Pour Epsom salt in the jar it will be the first layer of your soak

Sprinkle some sea salt on the Epsom salt it’s an optional supply it’s up to you.

Spray lavender oil

Tied the lid and mix well

Put some dried lavender flowers

After mixing make another layer of all ingredients. Continue the process until jar filled.

Cover the jar tied the lid for securing.

Make a nice label for your jar and paste it.

Your foot and bath soak is ready to use. It’s a relaxing soak that you can use very easily and comfortably.

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