Listerine Foot Soak Ingredients

Listerine is a branded mouthwash product that is found to be very good and effective in treating feet care issues like cracked heels, dry and damaged skin of feet and other lots of feet related issues. It is very important to accomplish required ingredients for making this foot soak remedy more effective and the best for feet care issues. Here we are going to discuss what things and ingredients are required for making Listerine foot soak treatment.

Listerine Foot Soak Ingredients
Listerine is main and most important ingredient of Listerine foot soak remedy as some amount of Listerine mouthwash is added in this feet soaking remedy to cure feet care issues. In Listerine foot soak, Listerine mouthwash is very important and must be added in sufficient quantity neither too much little amount nor too much extra. It is experienced that blue color of Listerine is found to be more effective in curing feet care problems. Usually Listerine mouthwash comes in pink, blue and green color. Original formula must be tried to find for getting best advantages and affects of Listerine in foot soaking remedy.

Warm water:
Warm water can be said second most important ingredient in foot soak remedy. Luke warm water is considered the best for foot soaks. Excessive cold and hot water is always harmful for skin whether to be use for feet or any other part of skin. That’s why warm water is very good in making skin soft, moisturized and smooth. It becomes very easy to rub and remove dead and damaged skin after soaking feet in warm water. Water should be used in sufficient amount to soak feet.

Keeping feet moisturize after soaking in Listerine and warm water is very important to have soft smoother and elegant skin of feet. Proper moisturizing also lets you rub and remove dead skin of feet during foot soak. Using hand and body lotion of good brand is best for keeping feet moisturized after soaking in Listerine foot soak. Moisturizer must be applied on feet thoroughly after drying feet with towel. You will get soft, clean and shiny skin of feet using proper moisturizer for feet.
Some of other things can also be used as ingredients of foot soak remedies like Epsom salt, black tea teabags, vinegar etc. Foot soak remedies vary in different conditions and hence ingredients for preparing multiple foot soaks also vary. Using vinegar is said to be very good ingredient to combine with Listerine for getting rid of lots of feet care problems like smelly and stinky feet, getting feet skin dry and damaged, having corns, calluses and warts on feet and so on.
The ingredients of Listerine foot soak mentioned in this article are very important to accomplish for getting true advantages of Listerine foot soak remedy. These ingredients are approved to be very effective in healing all feet skin care problems. Listerine foot soak remedy has been applied by lots of people and most of them get good results regarding comfort of feet.

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