Foot Care Home Remedies

It is very important to care for feet as they are prominent parts of our body but most of the time ignored. Feet should be given proper care and treatment especially in case of getting dry, rough, black feet and cracked heels. Here we have some tips for you to apply home remedies and treatments for getting more beautiful feet.

Foot Care Home Remedies

  • Soaking feet in mixture of Luke warm water bit of salt and little amount of any good shampoo for just 15 minutes. It can be a good therapy of your feet and you will feel relax and fresh after this treatment.
  • Don’t soak feet in excessive hot and cold water as your feet can get dry, rough and cracked by doing so.
  • Keep feet moisturized while you are at home or outside. Moisturizing feet can make you avoid having dry and rough feet and cracked heels as well.
  • Rubbing feet regularly with a good feet scrub is also good home remedy to care for your feet.
  • Using Vaseline with few drops of lemon juice is very good to have soft and fair skin of feet.
  • Hand and body creams are very good in pampering your feet as well.
  • Lemon is said to be a good bleach for skin whether face, hand, body and feet. Applying lemon juice on feet gives you fair and shiny skin of your feet.
  • Daily massaging is very good remedy to get comfort for feet and make them soft and healthy.
  • For cracked heels, you should apply Vaseline with some drops of white vinegar as this would make feet soft, white and cure for cracked heels. Keep using pumice stone for rubbing heels while you are bathing then apply any ointment or body cream t feet.
  • Home pedicure ingredients include warm water, lemon juice and glycerin, pinch of salt and white vinegar. All these ingredients are very good in providing necessary cure to your feet as softness, cleanliness and giving fair skin of feet.
  • Toenails care is also very important when you think of beauty of your feet. Use to clean your nails regularly with light stroke of toothbrush.
  • Having sun tan is one of common problems with your feet. Using coconut oil is best to cure sun tan on your feet.
  • Make a mixture of turmeric, gram flour, some drops of lemon juice and apply on feet for 10 minutes. Then rinse feet with warm water and get clean and soft feet.
  • Use hot oil to massage your feet daily. You know! Feet have no oil glands and they need to moisturize for avoiding rough, dry feet and cracked heels.

Hope you will like these home remedies and treatments for making feet beautiful, soft and clean. All these remedies are proven to be very good in results and you can surely have ultimate beauty of your feet.

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