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Causes of Toenail Fungus

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Just knowing about causes and reasons of toenail fungus; a very common feet problem can let you avoid this problem but some of things and risks are involved in having toenail fungus infection that you cannot control. Fungus infection is very common feet problem with most of men and women of older ages than adults and children.

Causes of Toenail Fungus

Given below information is based on real causes of having toenail fungus like infection underneath of feet nails:

  • Old age is ultimately a reason of having toenail fungus infection as it is stated in a research that more you grow old, more are the chances to have toenail fungus infection in your feet nails. So it can be said another affect of over aging.
  • Fungi infection in toenails can be a matter of history of family or jeans problem. Infection is much related to such diseases and problems that go side by side generations.
  • Feet are more related to contact with damp areas where there is dust, mess, dirt, bacteria, moist etc especially when you are barefoot in swimming pools, grassy lawn and bathroom. There are more and more chances to let fungus infection produce and grow in such conditions.
  • Any of injury in nail bed or nail plate can become a reason of producing and growing fungus infection in toenails.
  • People who have some of chronic diseases can also have fungus infection problem in their toenails. These diseases may include diabetes, poor immune system and some of circulatory problems and diseases.
  • Excessive perspiration is also found to be a genuine reason of having toenail fungus infection problem with men and women.
  • Athlete’s feet are more susceptible to have toenail fungus infection problem in their nails.
  • Toenail fungus infection can happen to appear if your body organism has any of other fungus infections like candida and psoriasis.
  • Continuous damage, injury or cuts of nails can let you have fungus infection in feet nails.
  • Wearing improper shoes that can cause sweat and hot in feet can also be a reason of having toenail fungus infection in feet nails.
  • Humid environment of feet can also cause letting fungi produce and grow frequently.
  • Improper cleanliness and care of feet can also be a reason of having toenail fungus infection.
  • Wearing too tight shoes and socks can also be a reason of toenail fungus infection because it will produce more sweat in nails and fungi tends to produce and grow in moist and dark environment.
  • Toenail fungus infection can also be caused by some of your daily activities if they are much related to working of your feet.

All these are suspectible points that can let you have fungus infection in toenails, nail beds, nail plate and even beneath root of nails. If you want to prevent fungi spreading in your toenails, you must avoid all these conditions and situations as much as possible.

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