Vinegar for Athlete Feet Treatment

People get multiple feet problems and athlete feet problems are very common with people who stay involved in athletic and sports activities. Main reason of having athlete feet problem is locking feet in shoes all the time. Bacteria found grounds to produce and grow for excessive sweat of feet in shoes. Athlete feet are medically termed as ringworms, tinea pedis etc. Itching is very sign of having any of feet problems with athletes. Skin disease of athlete’s feet include reddish, crackled and flacky skin between fingers, warts on feet, corns on feet fingers and toenail fungus.

Vinegar for Athlete Feet Treatment

All these athlete’s feet problems can be well cured using vinegar; an amazing and outstanding ingredient to cure all feet related problems and diseases. Vinegar can be said a miracle for feet care and problems. It is understood that medicated products and drugs are too much expensive and everyone cannot bear to have medical aid for solving feet related problems and taking proper care for their feet. Vinegar is one of most effective, cheap and convenient ingredient in this regard and everyone can make use of this amazing ingredient for feet care and a problem as it is home ingredient.

Vinegar can be used in different ways and conditions according to different problems of athlete’s feet. For example, if you have swelled feet or have spoiled skin of feet, vinegar foot bath or foot soak can be ideal treatment in this regard. You have to soak your feet in vinegar solution for 30 minutes and let them air dry. Doing this daily can make you have problem free feet soon. In severe condition of your feet problem, you can repeat same procedure twice daily.

Athlete’s toenail fungus problem can be cured well using vinegar as cream or lotion on toenails. Vinegar drops are painted on toenails and let them dry. This can be done twice daily for best results as vinegar is somehow slow to work but really very effective in curing all feet problems.

Another use of vinegar for athlete’s feet can be wrapping vinegar soaked bandages of fabric stripes on problem part of feet and let it sit for several hours. This is also very effective treatment and can be done easily staying at home.

All these are home remedies that can be done using vinegar. Vinegar is available in different types and each type of vinegar is considered effective and reliable in treating feet problems. However, white plain vinegar is said to be mostly used in treating all types of feet problems. White vinegar is easily available and is mostly part of our home ingredients. Proper hygiene is necessary for athletes to avoid problems of feet. They must keep clean, moist and rub their feet regularly to avoid these problems otherwise vinegar is one of most effective home ingredients that you can use in scrubbing foot soak recipes to make feet look good and feel good.

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