Foot Care Tips

Most of us try to look awesome and attractive by our face, hand and figure beauty but we don’t give importance to feet that are most important and prominent part of our body. It is essential to give proper care to feet as beautiful feel makes our personality attractive and enchanting. Here we have some useful tips to care for feet.


It is very important to keep feet clean and wash daily with little amount of shampoo in Luke warm water. Keep dipping feet in this mixture to get soft and clean feet. Daily washing feet will let you remove dust from feet and your feet will look clean and beautiful.

Massaging feet is also a good tip to have fresh and soft feet. Most of the time, we feel pain and discomfort in our feet and that is for walking for the whole day from place to place. That’s why, feet massage for 10-15 minutes will make you feel very relax and fresh.

Nail care is extremely very important when we talk about care for feet. Nails should be cut twice in a month and must keep them clean as well. Light brushing on nails is the best way for cleaning nails.

Regular pedicure is very good in keeping feet soft, clean and beautiful. Pedicure treatment should be done twice in a month. Pedicure lets your feet leaving dry and dead skin, dust and other outside affects that damage the beauty and grace of feet. Pedicure treatment can be done at home easily and you don’t need to go to a salon for incurring money on pedicure treatment.

Besides pedicure, lots of creams, lotions and scrubs are easily available to apply on feet to maintain their beauty and cleanliness. Creams and lotions that you apply on your hands and face can be applied on feet as well.

Wearing comfortable shoes is very important to avoid exhausted feet and having dry and rough feet.

Cracked heels are one of most common problems with feet and it becomes very painful if not cured well. It is best to keep feet soft and clean and rubbed daily to remove dead and dry skin from feet. Applying petroleum jelly on feet while going to bed would be very good to keep feet soft and moisturized and avoid cracked heels.

Apply mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water on feet and have most beautiful feet. Applying this mixture in winter will make you avoid your feet getting dry, rough and cracked heels.

It is better to keep wearing socks and stockings to avoid feet getting dirty, rough and dry. Basically dust and dirt is the main cause for spoiling beauty of feet.

All these are good tips for maintaining beauty and grace of feet. Proper care for feet can surely make you have beautiful, soft and clean feet.

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