DIY Stress Relieving Foot Soak

Of course, unhealthy skin never leaves good impact so we should take care of our skin it’s too good for us. Foot are very important part of our body our whole day depends on them. Tired, sore, crack skin of our feet can harmful for our whole body. To hide our crack feet we have to do care of our foot.

Wear sock it’s too cold….chill weather can damage your skin and health….voice of my mom ringing in ears. As I neglect my foot in winter and in summer we always use open chapels and sandals that can dry and rough our foot.

Stress Relieving Foot Soak

Pamper your Feet Regularly

You can generate many foot bath soaks at home within five minutes by using fewer supplies. Some simple ingredients will give you outstanding output. Lavender dry flowers, vinegar, Epsom salt, sea salt, olive oil and some other essential oils when you mix with hot water they can give you finest skin. All these ingredients are simple but have a lot of benefits.

Amazing information for my fellows:


Peppermint has amazing soothing possessions.


Lavender has comforting and soothing.


Rosemary has soft refreshment and good quality for aching, throbbing, and thoroughness.


Lemon has inspirational and stimulating, will rouse movement of blood.


Eucalyptus has influential bactericidal with anti-viral belongings, superior antiseptic.

Tea Tree

Tea tree works for antiseptic: use for swelling, fungal disease, sportsperson foot, bug bites.

All these ingredients have fabulous effects you can use as your desire but these all tools will give you exceptional results if you use according to my guide book.

Great recipes for foot soak:

Your kitchen is a good store where you can get all your supplies easily. you can make superb quality DIY for your skin, face and foot.

Epsom salt:

Mix Epsom salt in water and dip your tired feet for relaxing.


Milk is a fantastic gift for us you can simply apply full cream milk on your skin. Let it set or dry. Rinse with Luke warm water and tap … the amazing output you will get.


Herbs like chamomile tea also too good for your skin.


Honey has mysterious fallout you can use it in a simple way.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has a nice smell that can use everyone to get rid of stinky feet.

Try some recipes that you can use for getting relaxing feet all are in our guide book.

Foot Bath And Breathing Exercise






Combine all supplies and soak your feet and be relaxed.

Foot Scrub

Your rough and dry feet will be embarrassing for you on some special event. So you should make sure your feet will be smooth and shiny. Here is a cool tip for you that you can use for scrubbing.


Ground Oatmeal


Sea salt

Moisturizing lotion

Spring or fresh water

Mix them all dry supplies and apply on clean feet. I believe you will be relaxed.

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