Listerine Foot Soak for Athlete’s Foot

Having itchy, sore, swelled and dry feet is common concern with athletes and they have to face lots of other feet problems. These problems are painful most of the time and they need to take special care for treating all these feet related issues. Listerine foot soak can be used to treat feet problems in the best way without incurring lots of money on medical assistance to get relief from pain, swelling, dryness of feet skin and other issues. Here we will discuss how Listerine can be used to cure athlete’s feet in the best way using this home remedy.

We suggest you to use two main ingredients for relieving foot pain and discomfort if you get any of feet related problem during your athletic activities. These two ingredients are:

  • Listerine mouthwash
  • White vinegar

These two ingredients can be used separately and combined to cure all feet skin problems. Given below are recipes of using Listerine foot soak. For preparing Listerine foot soaking solution, you need to have a large bowl/foot basin, Listerine (blue), warm water, towel, hand or body lotion etc. Now lets share the method to do Listerine foot soak treatment.

Add required amount of Listerine mouthwash in warm water and mix well. Put your problem foot in the foot basin and make it sure whole of your foot is covered with mixture of warm water and Listerine mouthwash. Remember, your feet must be clean before you put in the foot basin. Keep soaking foot for about 30 minutes as 30 minutes duration is enough for working. Put off your foot after 30 minutes and rinse with fresh tap water. Then clean and dry your foot with soft and clean towel. Apply any of hand and body lotion to your foot for moisturizing. This soaking treatment can be done to cure:

Another soaking solution for athlete s feet can be prepared as home treatment for these feet problems and that is just adding some amount of white vinegar in Listerine foot soak. These two ingredients combined can work better to relief your discomfort and pain of feet for any of reasons mentioned above. All types of vinegar can be used to add in Listerine foot soaking solution for best results but white vinegar is preferred to use for this particular treatment for athlete s feet.

Some of other home and kitchen ingredients can be used to take good care of athlete s feet and they include hydrogen peroxide, Epsom salt, rubbing alcohol and Tilex mould solution or foot soak. All these ingredients are found to be very helpful in making you easy for discomfort and itchy feet. Listerine foot soaking solution is best among all home remedies and also very convenient and cheaper to use.

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