Smelly And Stinky Feet Remedies

It would be feeling bad and embarrassing for you to have smelly feet and you would definitely look for some tips and remedies to get rid of bad smell of your feet. The major problem by which you have to face this issue is sweat and use of same shoes for the whole day. Bacteria can generate germs and smell in your feet. Inherited condition can also be a reason of sweat or smelly feet. Here are some beneficial remedies which will surely help you to get rid of feet odor.

Stinky Feet Remedies

  • Avoid wearing shoes for the whole day as It is major problem of having smelly feet. You must have to change your shoes once in a day or try to wear open shoes if possible.
  • Must wash your socks daily. It will help you to avoid producing harmful germs which will make your feet smelly.
  • Avoid wearing plastic shoes. You should wear shoes of some comfortable material like canvas, leather, fabric or mesh. It will let your feet breathe.
  • Apply some deodorants and talcum powder on your feet. It will definitely keep your feet fresh and odor free.
  • Keep your shoes in open air and sunshine to reduce the bacteria and smell.
  • Fungal infection under your feet and around the toes can also be disease for your feet. To secure your feet from these infections you have to use some proper remedies like soaking, moisturizing, rubbing and using hand/feet sanitizer.
  • Sprinkle baking soda or corn starch on your shoes to keep them clean and germs free from fungus and bacteria that produce sweat and odor in shoes and feet.
  • Applying soak remedy would also be good for treating foot odor. Soak your feet in lukewarm water and add a pinch of Epsom salt and some drops of vinegar to reduce the foot odor.
  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes continuously or throughout the day.
  • Moisturize your feet daily with a good body lotion before going to bed. It will surely keep your feet smell fresh and look soft as well.
  • Foot hygiene includes use of clean socks, cleaning and freshen shoes and applying any of foot soak remedy on daily basis. You must be very careful in following hygiene rules for feet care and avoid smelly feet.
  • By wearing open toed shoes you can easily get rid from sweat or chances of having odor of feet.
  • Don’t neglect to dry your feet whe you have sweat. Otherwise it will provide proper fertile breeding ground for bacteria to produce odor and unpleasant smell in your shoes and feet.
  • Soak your feet with the mixture of black tea and water. It will react just like a tannic acid which will help to kill the germs or bacteria or keep your feet protect from odor.

All these tips and remedies are very good, easier and effective for getting rid of smelly and stinky feet.

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