Listerine And Vinegar Use For Softer Feet

Listerine makes through Thymol, things that do kill bacteria and fungi. Although the concentration is lower in this than in few prescription products, kill germs.

Vinegar is an acid that name is acetic acid. It has some antibacterial properties and in a high enough frequency can cause irritation. Acetic acid gives to cavity formation by eroding enamel from teeth. This strength leads some to think that in fewer planes it can work to soften the skin and make it easier to exfoliate.

Listerine And Vinegar

LISTERINE AND VINEGAR SOAK IS USE FOR SOFTER, SMOOTHER FEET. So the foot bath did not give you a significant promise. It is just nice. The soak is also an excellent alternative for anyone who happens to have facewash and vinegar acetic at your home and wants something more than just warm water but doesn’t have Epsom salt or foot soaks on hand.

I have known about this no combination as a cure for dry, broken heels and feet for a long time but think it sounded awful. I dry, cracked heels in the winter and have tried just about every remedy known to man or woman, but Listerine and Vinegar.

You can guess how it turned out. Yes, you guessed it. It works! I was finally typing about this, but I’m telling you, after just 15 minutes my feet (and most importantly my heels) were much beautiful and soft. I tell you all proceed don’t worry.

You need these things:

  •    ½ water tub size Listerine
  •    ½ water tub size Vinegar
  •    the water hot tub

Mix this thing and Soak feet for 20-25 minutes now take a foot file or pumice stone to help Marsh off the softened dead skin. I was able to record quickly off a generous amount of the dry skin. I have a bit more to go, but I have no double another couple of suck, and it should be all visible.

If you are one of these which dry, cracked winter feet. I would strongly suggest you give this a try! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now I tell you Peppermint oil is excellent longtime foot soak go-to for soothing and reviving tired puppies. But if we can get that uncomfortable feeling and cleaner foot with something we often already have stocked in our medicine cabinet.

For overnight softening and bacteria-busting, Poke around your shelves for Vicks Vapor Rub ointment. Massage a biased amount well into your now gracefully softened feet, cover in white sports socks, and the fight of bacteria and calloused foot will continue put out the night. Your socks will be blue in the morning.

There surely is nothing wrong with or worry about soaking your foot in something safe very to put in your mouth and why not try this and see for yourself. Let’s learn what all reasons of this foot soak.  Maybe I will try combining a touch of peppermint and eucalyptus to make my personal foot spa.

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