Listerine and Vinegar Treatment for Feet

It is common mindset that people rush to follow home remedies and DIY treatments to take good care of their feet or even when they get any of feet problems. Most common feet problems include dead skin of feet, dry skin of feet, cracked heels, toenail fungus infection, swelled feet, stinky feet, sore and burning feet, warts, corns and calluses on feet, athlete and diabetic feet as well. All these are very common feet problems and surely can be treated using common home remedies as foot bath or foot soak, foot massaging, foot wrapping. Now the question is which types of ingredients are used to take feet care and cure treatments to be stay at home.

Listerine and Vinegar Treatment for Feet

Lots of home and kitchen ingredients can be used to follow effective home remedies for feet care and cure. All feet discomforts can be treated using vinegar and Listerine mouthwash. Both of these elements are very rich in acidic and anti fungal properties that are very effective in making feet skin clean, fresh and healthy and also let feet problems go forever. However, you must stick to DIY Listerine and vinegar treatment if you want to take best advantage of these both ingredients. As we all know that Listerine is a mouthwash product and to be used in every home on daily basis. If not, it is easily available in the market.

Vinegar is a second marvelous ingredient which is used for hundreds of problems regarding diet, beauty and health. So it is very good to make a combination of these both ingredients to get rid of any type of feet problems and also take good care of feet on daily basis. You can follow different treatment method to be used vinegar and Listerine to remove feet problems like foot soaking is most effective solution of feet problems. Moreover, feet massaging and feet wrapping are also done to get rid of feet problems.

In foot soaking treatment, you have to prepare foot soak recipe using Listerine and vinegar together. For feet massaging, both of these ingredients can be combined to apply on feet for gently massage. Feet wrapping is another option that is also very easy. In this method, you have to take required amount of Listerine and vinegar to apply on feet then wrap your feet with stripes or wrapping sheets. All of these treatments are best option to kill feet problems and have healthy and beautiful feet.

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