Remedies for Hard Feet

Having hard feet can lead you some of more problems like cracked heels, dry and damaged skin of your feet and your feet also look ugly. Dry and hard feet caused by lack of moisturized and proper care. Some other reasons for hard feet include standing for long time, using soaps of poor quality, lack of drinking water, excessive weather conditions, uncomfortable shoes and so on. Here we have some tips for having soft, smooth and baby like feet.

Remedies for Hard Feet

Daily and proper cleanliness is very important to keep feet soft and smooth. You have lots of dust on your feet during the whole day when you are at outside. Proper washing your feet with soap of good quality would make you have soft, clean and smooth skin of feet.

Soaking feet in warm water would be very good remedy for soft feet. You must do this daily before going to bed. Take a bowl of warm water and add little amount of shampoo in it and let your feet soak in this mixture for 20 minutes. You will get soft skin and then can rub dead skin using pumice stone. Then rinse feet with tap water and use any of body lotion to moisturize your feet. You can get soft, smooth and baby like skin of your feet by doing this remedy.

Soft Feet Soak

Keep cutting and rubbing dead skin of your feet as it causes cracked heels and damaged feet. You can use different types of scrub for removing dead skin from your feet.

Keep massaging your feet with any good moisturizer or hand and body lotion. Proper massaging would be very good in making your feet soft, smooth and shiny. Vaseline and petroleum jelly is the best ointments for soft feet.

Wearing soft socks in the night is very good to have soft and smooth feet. You find ultra softness of your feet when you remove socks in the morning. You can apply this remedy just for 1 week to have softer and smoother feet.

Applying foot mask is another remedy for having soft and smooth skin of feet. Mixture of ripe banana and avocado is the best foot mask to get rid of dry and hard feet.

Lemon juice is very good for skin and removes dust, dirt and germs from our skin. It would be very good to apply paste of Vaseline and lemon juice on your feet to make them softer and look beautiful.

Proper intake of water is very necessary to have overall soft skin of your body. Lack of drinking water cause dehydration and you get lots of skin problems including hard and dry feet.

Applying sesame oil in the night would be very good remedy to have softer and smoother feet than before. Before you apply this oil, you must wash your feet properly with warm water by adding some drops of any of shampoo in it.

All these are very good remedies for treating hard and dry skin of feet. You can apply these remedies confidently as they are proven to be excellent in having soft and beautiful feet.

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