DIY Vinegar Tips for Foot Care

So you have thought about using vinegar to treat any of your feet problems or for regular care for your feet. No doubt, you are at the best option to treat your feet skin problems and give complete attention and care for your feet on regular basis. Vinegar is very effective treatment for all types of feet skin problems and give healthier and softer look to your feet. You will find that vinegar is how much active and effective thing to be used as feet remedies and care method. Vinegar has been used for ancient times to take best care for feet and treat hundreds of other ailments. In fact, it is such a good ingredient that can be equally used for people of all ages including children.

DIY Vinegar Tips for Feet Care

For feet care, you have chosen the best home remedy and it would be very effective in the long run. Here, we are going to share some useful tips regarding selection of most appropriate type of vinegar, preparing foot soak recipes and other instruction regarding feet care and treatment. As you know vinegar comes in many forms and types and each type has its own uses and benefits according to its properties. White vinegar is said to be very good for treating all types of feet problems and most of people make choice of this type of vinegar for best feet care. So it is better for you to buy white vinegar of original formula. It also comes in fake formula and that is of no use regarding feet care and treatment.

Foot soak is one of most common and effective treatment for feet care and cure so you must go through this process for best care of your feet. Making foot soak recipes is very easy as you can do so at home. Given below are some useful tips regarding preparation of vinegar foot soak recipe.

Things that you need to have for vinegar foot soak recipe include:

  • Large foot basin or a bowl to keep your feet in it
  • A large bottle filled with white vinegar
  • Soft towel
  • A good moisturizer


  • Make it sure that foot basin is perfectly clean and germs free before you start using it.
  • Now put required amount of white vinegar in foot basin.
  • Let your feet soak in that solution for about 30 minutes.
  • Put off your feet and let them air dry or use soft towel for this purpose.
  • Apply good amount of hand and body lotion to let your feet get softer and smoother.

This feet care and treatment remedy must be practiced on daily bases to get best results.

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