Dry Feet Skin Remedies

Our feet have harder and drier skin unlike other parts of body and they must be treated on priority basis as they are also very prominent. You lose beauty and grace of your feet when they get dry. Cracked heels ultimately appear when feet skin gets dry and feet look bad and ugly. You can easily get rid of dry skin of feet using helpful and easy remedies. Multiple soak recipes can be used to apply on feet to get rid of dry skin of feet.

Dry Feet Skin

Some of them include:

  1. Soaking feet is the best remedy for dry skin. Add few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water. After soaking rub your feet with a pumice stone. Make use of good scrub to apply on most dried areas of feel like heels, sides and joint of feet. Repeating soak remedy would let you have soft, smooth and fair skin of feet.
  2. Using different oils like clove oil, sesame oil and lavender oil is best to add in warm water and soaking feet to get soft, smooth skin of feet and make them look beautiful. These oils are best in removing dryness from skin and making it glowing as well.
  3. Add some shampoo of good brand in warm water and soak your feet until 10 -15 minutes or three times in a week. You will surely have good result of this remedy.
  4. Listerine foot soak remedy can be more effective for solving skin problems of feet like dry and damaged skin, having corns and calluses on feet and cracked heels as well.

Other care tips to avoid dry skin include:

  1. Proper cleansing and moisturizing is the best tips for avoiding feet get dry and rough skin. Use any of good hand and body lotion to keep your feet moisturized on daily basis.
  2. Make a habit of wearing shoes and socks when you are going outside to avoid dust and dirt miles that make skin dry and damaged fast.
  3. Put some sugar and sesame oil on your hand and scrub your feet gently. You will surely get rid of feet dryness by using this home remedy.
  4. You can make a mixture of Vaseline and lime juice. Apply it on your feet especially on the dry areas around the heel. You can see results in few days.
  5. Using lukewarm water is better instead of hot water while taking foot bath or feet soak. Avoid using fragrant soaps and other product like that will make your skin drier, flaky and rough.
  6. For an overnight treatment, you have to add some white vinegar with a bit of olive oil or lemon juice. Apply it on your dry feet properly and wear cotton socks. In the morning wash it off properly. You will surely get fresh skin of your feet.

Tips and remedies mentioned above are very useful and effective for your feet. You can get rid of dry and rough skin of your feet using these tips as they are approved and applied many times.

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