Listerine Can Be A Good Deodorant

Having foul body smell is really very embarrassing and ashamed thing and also is a very common problem. In fact bad body smell is considered odor and is produced by bacterial that live in our skin. It is said that American are most obsess people with sweat and they spend billions of pennies to purchase deodorants, perfumes, talcum powders, body sprays etc to give fresh and pleasant smell and have better feel. Some people take different steps to reduce sweat production but it is said that reducing this natural phenomenon is wrong and can cause several other health issues regarding skin glands.

Listerine can be a good deodorant

Getting rid of bad smell is also very important to avoid embarrassment and bad feeling. You also may have tried lots of ways to get rid of body odor but you will be amazed to know about an absolutely new solution of this problem. Yes, we are talking about Listerine and its marvelous affects to remove body odor and let you feel good and fresh. Listerine is a good mouthwash brand that has been used for several other purposes including body odor killer. Listerine is rich in its antiseptic, anti fungal and germs killing properties so it is found to be very effective in killing not only mouth germs but it also kills all sorts of germs that produce odor, fungus etc.

There may be several of ways to apply Listerine as a deodorant. Following are some of tips for you to apply Listerine as deodorant and feel good having pleasant and fresh body smell. Listerine has been used by millions of people to get rid of bad body smell. Some of them say that they use Listerine in the spray mode. For this, you can fill Listerine mouthwash in a spray bottle and can spray in your underarms to kill body odor. This is literally an easy way and just like using a deodorant.

Another way of applying Listerine to reduce bad body smell is to apply in the form of cotton swab. Take a cotton ball and soak it in Listerine mouthwash and dab into your underarms. Doing this twice a day can surely kill bad smell of your body. You can also rinse your body with Listerine mixed bath water while taking shower. Just add some amount of Listerine mouthwash in your bath tub and rinse in the end of shower. This will surely reduce body odor and you will feel fresh for the whole day.

This is the way you can make use of Listerine to get rid of bad smell and this can be a permanent deodorant to keep in your dressing table.

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