Listerine and Baking Soda Remedy for Feet Care

Regular feet care is extremely important as we take good care of other body parts like face, hands, neck and our physic. Daily based feet care can let you avoid lots of feet problems that are common for negligence and poor care for feet. Feet care can be accomplished in several ways but foot soak or foot bath is major treatment for feet that is very effective to make feet look beautiful and healthy as well. Basically, foot soak or foot bath is a traditional and ancient way of treatment and is also considered a home remedy. So you don’t need to have expensive and medical related items for foot soak treatment. You can make use of several items and ingredients that you commonly have in your home and kitchen.

Listerine and Baking Soda Remedy for Feet Care

Multiple essential oils, salts, dried and fresh herbs are used to make effective foot soak recipes. But here came another item that is said to be more effective in treating all sorts of feet problems along with best feet care on daily basis. We are talking about Listerine mouthwash that is a very famous brand. This particular mouthwash product is not only good in killing mouth germs but also works effectively in killing toenail fungus infection, treating all other feet problems. However, Listerine can be used with other available ingredients to make effective foot soak recipes.

Baking soda consists of same properties as Listerine has to do better care for feet problems. For example, both these ingredients are good to have antifungal and acidic properties that work amazingly for ultimate feet care and problems. You can prepare a good foot bath or foot soak recipe combining Listerine with baking soda. Given below is recipe of preparing baking soda and Listerine foot soak.

Things you need to have for preparing baking soda and Listerine foot soak includes:

  • Listerine mouthwash
  • Baking soda
  • Foot basin or large bowl
  • Towel
  • Body lotion

First of all, make it sure that foot basin or bowl is completely clean and germs free. Now combine Listerine mouthwash and baking soda in required amount and mix them well. Let your feet soak in this solution for about 30 minutes as this time duration is perfect for treating feet problems. Now put off your feet and let them air dry or make use of towel. Then apply good body lotion to your feet for long lasting moist and softer feet. This particular foot soak recipe is best to treat toenail fungus infection.

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