Vinegar Foot Soak Instructions

Vinegar foot soak is one of the best home remedies to take good care of feet and healing lots of feet problems including fungus infection in toenails, corns, warts and calluses on feet, burning feet, sore and swelled feet, smelly feet, cracked heels, dry, dead skin of feet, diabetic feet and athlete ’s feet as well. All these are common and ordinary problems regarding feet but need to cure frequently to avoid severe and painful condition. There are hundreds of uses and benefits of vinegar regarding treatment of diseases and ailments and feet ailments are frequently cured by this amazing natural ingredient.

Vinegar Foot Soak Instructions

You can have best results and advantages of using vinegar foot soak treatment if you do this in the right way. You need to follow some of instructions and tips to use vinegar foot soak treatment to take good care of your feet or healing any of feet problems mentioned above. So, you are going to take vinegar foot soak? Keep reading the following lines to follow the instructions of vinegar foot soak.

  • It is best to use vinegar as single ingredient of foot soak treatment for feet problems especially when you are dealing with fungus infection appear between fingers and under feet fingers. Vinegar itself is enriched with acidic properties that let fungi stop growing and kill it forever.
  • If you want to add some of other ingredients in vinegar foot soak, you can do so on your own will. These ingredients may include essential oils, salts, clays, fresh and dried herbs, milk, Listerine, bleach and baking soda. Not doubt! These ingredients can support healing feet problems and taking good care of feet.
  • Vinegar is found to be somehow slow to heal feet problems i.e. fungi infection takes several months to get heal and removed from feet. So you need to be very punctual in taking vinegar foot soak treatment on daily basis for several weeks to get best results.
  • Proper time and duration of feet soaking in vinegar foot soaking solution is just about 30 to 40 minutes daily. This time duration is enough for you to have better look of your feet and you will also feel good after taking vinegar foot soak.
  • Vinegar foot soak treatment must be done in the night just before you go to bed as you have to keep your feet relaxed and comfortable after taking vinegar foot soak treatment.
  • Gently rubbing, massaging and using scrub during vinegar foot soak is necessary for some of particular feet problems like cracked heels, removing dead skin of feet etc.
  • Keeping your feet moisturized well is necessary to have softer, smoother and beautiful skin of feet if you are using vinegar foot soak treatment as ordinary care of your feet.

These instructions for using vinegar foot soak treatment can make you have best results regarding feet care and problems.

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