How to Listerine Foot Soak

Listerine is branded mouthwash product and proved to be very good for healthy gums and sparkling white teeth but you will be amazed to know it works fantastic in curing toenail fungus and used as foot soak. Listerine foot soak remedy has become very common to treat toenail fungus and most of people are getting advantages of this product for teeth and feet as well. You would surely involve knowing how Listerine foot soak can be done for killing toenail fungus. Here is step by step recipe of using Listerine foot soak.


Listerine Foot Soak Steps:

  • Take a large bowl just to keep your feet straight and fit in it. Your whole feet must come fit in this bowl than just putting your toenails.
  • Pour sufficient amount of Listerine mouthwash in bowl to dip your toenails or affected area in it.
  • Let toenails dip in Listerine for about 30 minutes and don’t sit for long than 30 minutes as this is recommended duration for Listerine foot soak.
  • Take a soft and clean towel and dry off your feet entirely with it. Don’t use that towel for other uses to avoid fungus spreading around.
  • Repeat these steps every night for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Don’t wear socks after taking treatment of Listerine foot soak as fungus infection inclines to grow in dark and cool.
  • Keep trimming fungus and affected area when you feel it start drying or killing on toenails.


All these are steps for Listerine foot soak and you must follow them as they are described to have better results for killing fungus.

Listerine takes long time to cure fungus and you may need to do Listerine foot soak for many weeks. Just be patient and keep doing Listerine foot soak as this will surely be good to cure toenail fungus. It also depends on severity of fungus how much time Listerine takes to treat fungus. Reaction time of your body may also be a reason for late affects of using Listerine foot soak for toenail fungus treatment. When you see there is new and normal growth of nails has been appeared, you can cut and trim remaining fungus.

It is normal to have some side effects and negativity of some products but ultimately they are used for which they are produced. It is strongly recommended to use Listerine foot soak for getting rid of toenail fungus. As most of people getting advantage of this cheap and easier way of treating toenail fungus than adopting expensive drugs and medicines for toenail fungus. Using Listerine foot soak can be said a good and most effective home remedy and you don’t need to go to the doctor for taking treatment of toenail fungus. However, you must go for purchasing original formula of Listerine than getting just artificial color and flavor. Only original formula can work efficiently in treating toenail infection and fungus.

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